Garth Brooks Sued By Former Business Partner

Garth Brooks Sued By Former Partner

Garth Brooks has reportedly been sued by his former business partner.

Lisa Sanderson previously worked with the country music icon roughly 20 years ago. The two joined forces in an effort to get Brooks’ acting career off on the right track. However, Sanderson claims that the musician never paid her for the services rendered.

Garth Brooks is being sued for $425,000 in unpaid bonus and salary. Sanderson is also looking to collect punitive damages in the lawsuit as well.

The TV producer said the country music star isn’t the “everyman” he claims to be in public. Instead, Sanderson stated in court documents that he is a “paranoid, angry, deceitful, and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime.”

The producer explained that she previously landed Garth Brooks roles in both Saving Private Ryan and Twister. However, the singer-songwriter ultimately turned down those roles since he wasn’t the center of attention.

“He wanted to be the star and was unwilling to share the limelight with … Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and Edward Burns,” Sanderson said in her lawsuit against the country music star.

The producer said she helped Brooks land a guest role on the TV sitcom Empty Nest years ago. After she quit her job to assist the musician full-time with his acting career, she stated that Brooks promoted to pay her 50 percent of the money he earned through a production company called Red Strokes.

Sanderson said her involvement with Brooks ultimately cost her a job with director Tim Burton. She was reportedly in line to assist the filmmaker on his adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. The producer also stated she lost a job with New Line Cinema because of the singer.

Garth Brooks is being sued for breach of oral contract and fraud. Lisa Sanderson is represented by Marty Singer and Allison Hart at Lavely and Singer. Garth Brooks has yet to issue a response to the lawsuit as of this writing.

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