Contortionist Sofie Dossi Wows Fans By Performing Stunts As She Spins Around On Aerial Hoop

Sofie Dossi is often on the ground when she contorts her body in ways that amaze her fans, but the TikTok star's latest stunt took place in the air.

On Saturday, the 19-year-old performer took to Instagram to share a video that was filmed while she practiced on an aerial hoop. The large apparatus was suspended high enough off of the ground that she had to stretch her arms up all the way over her head to reach it.

Sofie's training ring was located outside in an area full of lush green plants. The gorgeous backdrop of her training footage included manicured bushes, a tall shade tree, a flowering plant with large leaves, a small bird bath, and a bench underneath an arch covered with leafy vines.

Sofie was clad in a pair of black athletic leggings and an off-white crop top. Her tiny shirt was skintight, and it had thin spaghetti straps. On her feet, she wore a pair of black socks. She left her thick curly hair down.

At the beginning of her video, Sofie was hanging from the hoop by her hands as it twirled around. She kept on spinning as she slowly lifted her legs up, and she hooked her left leg over the ring. She then released her hands and reached back to grab her right ankle. Sofie pulled her right foot up behind her until it was positioned right next to her face. She let go of the foot with her hands, but she kept it in place by holding it underneath her chin. After briefly releasing her leg, she stretched it out so that her foot was above her head. She grabbed it with one hand and held onto the hoop with the other.

The soundtrack Sofie chose for her practice performance was "Guys My Age" by Hey Violet.

Sofie's fans quickly took to the comments section of her post to applaud her performance. They have also rewarded her latest stunt with over 98,000 likes thus far.

"Wow that's impressive," read one response to her upload.

"OMG how are you so talented," another fan wanted to know.

"You are so amazing. You are my idol!!" wrote a third admirer.

"I'm getting dizzy just watching that!" a fourth message read.

While Sofie was flying solo for her aerial performance, many of the recent tricks that she's showed off on social media have involved other people. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the former America's Got Talent star collaborated with content creator Zane Hijazi on a video that showed her demonstrating her strength and flexibility by allowing him to stand on her stomach while she did a hands-free backbend.