Suzy Cortez Sizzles Wearing Red Cowboy Hat And Little Else On Instagram

Suzy Cortez takes a selfie
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Fitness model Suzy Cortez looked smoking hot in her most recent Instagram post on Saturday evening. The Brazilian bombshell flaunted all of her ample assets in a photo that thrilled her 2.3 million followers. The post racked up almost 10,000 likes in less than half an hour after it went live.

Suzy had a bright red cowboy hat propped on the top of her head. She clutched the front of the wide brim with the outstretched fingers of her left hand, tipping it seductively over one eye and part of her gorgeous face. She gazed out from beneath the hat, and the light blue shade of her eyes was striking next to the vivid crimson.

In addition to the stylish accessory, she wore a revealing bikini in a matching hue. The bottoms had thin straps that rested high over Suzy’s curvaceous hips, near the slimmest part of her slender waist. She placed one of her voluptuous thighs in front of the other and arched her back, emphasizing the impressive roundness of her booty.

What appears to be the upper edge of a red thigh-high boot was visible at the bottom of the picture frame.

The bikini featured a halter top with a strap that crisscrossed against her decolletage before looping around the back her neck. The weight of her bust pulled the strings away from her skin.

Suzy’s toned left arm obscured most of her chest from view, but a glimpse of the shapely curve of her right breast was visible behind her forearm. Her right arm was raised straight above her head, and her hand was cut out of the image.

Suzy’s rich brown tresses tumbled in loose waves all the way down her back, almost grazing her derriere. Her hair framed one side of her face, accentuating her strong jawline and full, parted lips.

A small tattoo of unidentifiable script could be seen on her rib cage, below the strap of her bathing suit.

She posed with her left side facing the camera and her hips angled slightly forward, displaying the insane definition of her taut, flexed six-pack.

Her tanned skin appeared smooth and flawless.

Suzy posed standing in front of a bed with crisp white sheets and rows of huge, fluffy pillows, as well as a smaller decorative pillow with a cream and maroon pattern.

An enormous cream-colored headboard with minor detailing took up most of the background behind her.