Haley Kalil Wears Red Thong Bikini And Flaunts Her Booty On A Jet Ski

Haley Kalil thrilled fans with a sexy, summery image on Saturday afternoon, in which the gorgeous model posed atop a jet ski and bared her assets to the camera. Her most recent Instagram post racked up almost 1,000 likes in the first five minutes after it went live.

Haley is a former beauty pageant winner who gained popularity for her modeling in Sports Illustrated. According to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website, she was discovered during the inaugural SI Swim Search in 2018 and has since appeared in both the 2019 and 2020 publications.

The tiny suit she wore in this image looked stunning on her incredible figure. It was a bright red string bikini with long straps tied into big bows at her back and on either side of her shapely hips.

The bottom had a Brazilian thong cut that put her bare buns on display. A triangular piece of fabric rose up from between her rounded cheeks and rested across her lower back. Haley's pose put the rest of the suit out of view.

Haley stood straddling the seat of a jet ski with her behind to the camera. She leaned forward and rested her left hand on the steering handle in front of her. The long lines of her lean, toned abs and just a hint of her left breast were visible below her elbow.

She looked over her shoulder and made eye contact with the photographer. She had a wide, natural smile across her face. Her golden skin was dappled with an insane amount of beautiful freckles, which complemented the copper shade of her long, straight hair.

Haley demonstrated her sense of humor by suggesting that viewers check out the second part of the post to view her inspiration for the photo, which was a separate video clip that gained notoriety earlier this year when it aired on the Netflix original docuseries, Tiger King.

It pictured James Garretson speeding across a lake on a jet ski. Dramatic music played in the background. As the clip came to a close, he slowly pulled the mirrored sunglasses away from his eyes and placed them on top of his head, making eye contact with the camera while he rode past.

According to a recent report by The Inquisitr, Haley has been spending time behind the wheel of all sorts of watercraft lately. Just a few days ago, she was seen rocking a black bikini and a captain's hat while sitting on a boat.