Abby Dowse Reveals Cleavage, Curves In Peach Sportswear

Australian influencer and model Abby Dowse has once again riled her Instagram followers -- which currently number more than 2 million -- by posting a saucy picture in which her skintight clothing spotlighted her fit form and rousing curves to perfection.

With her August 1 update, the Syndey, New South Wales, product ditched the beachwear and lingerie sets that have dominated her feed recently and still managed to entice while wearing form-fitting workout gear.

In the accompanying caption, she referenced that she had been doing cardio exercises. And while she didn't go into specifics about what routine or which exercise she was doing, her tight and tempting frame evidenced the end result of her dedication to fitness to great effect.

Meanwhile, Dowse's fans spoke glowingly about her athletic and well-proportioned body in the post's comment thread.

"Figure goals," stated one fan of Dowse's incredible shape.

"Never a bad or just ok picture... incredible!!!" exclaimed another user.

"Wow Abby you just don't know what you do to me," added a third commenter.

"Looking gorgeous as always Abby," wrote a fourth admirer. "You really brighten up anyone's morning."

The photo found Dowse traversing a set of stairs -- a familiar sight for those who frequent her popular feed -- while wearing white tennis shoes to go along with her peach workout shorts and matching top. With her left foot resting on a lower step and her right affixed to the next one up, the 30-year-old rested her right hand on the corresponding knee. Her toned thigh and calf muscles owned the lower third of the frame.

With her back torqued slightly, the curvaceous nature of her backside and mid-section was prominent in the center of the frame. However, it was Dowse's sizable showing of cleavage that popped, as the plunging neckline of her skintight top revealed a large portion of her sun-kissed bust line.

As Dowse posed atop the stairs, she peered down over her body and at the steps themselves. In the meantime, she grasped a strand of her long, blond hair with her left hand while the rest of it draped down over her body.

Dowse's latest IG update had already begun its climb toward viral status as of this writing, zeroing in on 5,000 double-taps in its first hour online. Moreover, a veritable bonanza of comments like the ones cited above where left by her army of admirers.

Of course, Dowse isn't the only blonde bombshell to have rocked Instagram with an incredible display of curves and cleavage recently.

As reported by The Inquisitr on the same day, Guess girl Bri Teresi also roused the masses while strolling down the beach in a form-fitting red and black bodysuit.