Kathryn Freeman Quenches Thirst While Wearing Tiny Gray Shorts & Black Sports Bra

Kathryn Freeman showed off a picture of herself quenching her thirst with a drink from a shaker bottle while making some of her Instagram followers thirsty in her tiny exercise outfit.

The celebrity fitness trainer stood facing the side, and she held an orange shaker bottle up to her mouth and had her head slightly back as she drank from the container. Whatever it contained was visible through the opaque sides, and the white stopper was open and obscured part of Kathryn's face.

The wrist she held up also had a bracelet around it. The workout guru's long dark hair hung nearly to her backside from a ponytail.

Kathryn showed off her insane curves and incredibly fit physique in her workout clothing. The tiny gray shorts showcased her pert derriere and thick thighs while emphasizing her flat stomach with a high waist style. The black sports bra featured a strategic cutout near the bottom band that exposed plenty of skin from her toned back.

On her legs, the trainer wore calf-high gray-and-black socks that ended just below her impressively toned muscles. She paired them with matching tennis shoes.

On the ground near her feet sat a plastic gallon jug, a yellow and black bag, and a large container. Kathryn appeared to have completed at least a portion of her exercises outside, surrounded by green grass and leafy green trees with plenty of sunlight shining.

In the caption, the fitness guru offered a special deal for anybody who wanted to enjoy some of her health plans, and her followers shared the love. More than 21,000 hit the "like" button, and at least 190 took the time to leave a comment with many using the flame emoji to indicate that they thought Kathryn looked hot in the shot.

"Your body is goals for me! I have the will power to get there but don't have the money for your plan. I'll get there in the end xx," replied one follower who also used a red heart and a smiley.

"Solid as a cross-fit model but more defined. Awesome," a second devotee declared, adding a flexed bicep emoji.

"Damn, what did you name it, Kathryn? That thing goes outrageous beautiful in all it's forms lol," teased a third fan who used the peach emoji to reference the model's backside.

"You cut it out. All that body over there. Those calve muscles are amazing," a fourth Instagrammer wrote.