Sommer Ray Leaves Little To The Imagination As She Teases ‘Lust Rushes But Love Waits’

Sommer Ray shared a new slate of photos via her Instagram on Saturday that generated an immense amount of heat. The model has shared plenty of revealing snaps in the past, but her most recent shots were especially risqué.

The set of four photos all showed Sommer posing behind an open car door. She appeared to be wearing only a frilly pair of thong panties, covering her bare breasts with her hands.

Each of the snaps showed her turned to show off her curvy backside and pert derrière, providing her fans with just a glimpse of her bosom. She teasingly pulled the thin, pink strap from the waistband of her panties up across her arm and chest as she tantalized her supporters with her flawless, tanned skin and phenomenal physique.

The 23-year-old model wore her long hair in what some might say has become her signature style. Her honey-blond tresses were swept over her head and tumbled in loose waves over her shoulder and breasts.

She looked over her shoulder toward the photographer with a sultry expression and the dark lighting effects added an extra layer of sensuality to the shots. In her caption, it seemed Sommer pulled a line from the poem “Soft Thorns” by Bridgett Devoue and the sentiment seemed to suit the feel of the photos perfectly.

“OMGGG YOU ARE SO PERFECT,” one person commented.

Almost immediately, Sommer’s 25.2 million followers went wild over this set of snapshots. In just 45 minutes, there were already more than 320,000 likes and 2,100 comments praising the sexy vibe she demonstrated.

“where does such beauty come from?” someone asked.

“Wow you are so beautiful,” a follower declared.

“Omg ur so awesome and beautiful,” another person detailed.

Garnering a lot of attention for her sultry poses is nothing new for Sommer. She knows how to showcase her curves to generate a big reaction and her millions of fans respond positively to virtually everything she shares in droves.

Many would acknowledge, however, that this new group of pictures provided some of the most revealing snapshots that the model has shared. She seemingly barely avoided breaking Instagram’s modesty guidelines and some of her followers even appeared to be rather stunned by how much was exposed in this case.

Sommer always exudes loads of confidence and this time was no exception. These nearly nude snaps might be hard for her to top in terms of attention from her supporters, but also she’s probably not likely to walk away from a challenge like that either.