Lindsey Vonn Opens Up About Difficult Farewell: ‘One Of The Hardest Things I’ve Ever Done’

U.S. Olympic Medalist Lindsey Vonn attends The Tory Burch Foundation 2018 Embrace Ambition Summit
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Champion skier Lindsey Vonn is making a huge change in her life and she took to Instagram on Saturday to share some thoughts about the emotional shift ahead. Her post contained 10 photos and a lengthy caption as she bid farewell to the place she had called home for many years.

Lindsey explained that she had sold her estate in Vail, Colorado. She said she would be moving away from the area and added that it was one of the hardest things she had ever done. She noted that her family remains there, so she will be back to visit. However, she will no longer be calling the town her home.

As Lindsey shared, she moved from Minnesota to Colorado at the age of 12 and she said that it was the turning point of her career. She said she had many amazing memories associated with the area. At the same time, she explained, it is simply too hard for her to remain around skiing right now given the injuries she endured that led to her retirement.

“Vail will miss you but it’ll always be home! On to the next chapter which no doubt you will embrace with flying colors!” one person commented, adding a few heart and crown emoji for good measure.

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Selling my home and moving away from Vail was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I had so many amazing memories that I will take with me forever. My family is still in Vail and I will come back, that is for sure. However, the time for ski racing in my life has come to an end and I need to move on. Being around skiing is hard right now; it reminds me of my injuries and of pain. Hopefully one day that will change. Thank you to everyone who supported me in Vail. You have always welcomed me with open arms and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. Vail is a ski racing town with so much history and I am happy to share just a very small part of that with you. So until I see you again, please make a few runs on “Lindsey’s” for me …????????❤️ Love you all *** Part of the article I put in the @vaildaily . Link in bio *** THANK YOU VAIL Dear Vail Valley Community, I am sad to say that I have sold my Vail home this month. I want to personally thank each and every member of the community who supported me throughout my career.When I moved from Minnesota to Vail with my family I was 12 years old. My father, who also moved to Vail as a young ski racer to train with his long-time friend Pepi Gramshammer, knew how much of an impact it could make on me. Going from a small hill in Minnesota to Colorado was the turning point of my career. With the help of Ski Club Vail, I developed the confidence and love for speed that helped me to win the Olympic downhill, 43 Downhill World Cup races, and finish my career with a total of 82 World Cup wins. When I passed 63 wins,“International” on Vail Mountain was renamed after me and it will always be the greatest gift I have ever received. If you told 15-year-old me slipping the course for the 1999 World Championships that this would one day be my namesake, I would have never believed you. What makes it so special is that “Lindsey’s” is not just mine, it can be shared and experienced by anyone brave enough to ski down it. My grandfather passed down his love for the sport to his kids, my father to his, and I hope to spark and pass down that passion to future generations, too. I did not know at 12 years old what …

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The first photo in Lindsey’s post showed her posing outdoors by her house with her three dogs. She posted the text of a letter she wrote to Vail Daily with her emotional goodbye, and other pictures showed various moments from her years-long career and time in Colorado. Several of the shots showed peeks of the gorgeous dwelling that she has now sold.

“You’ve got an amazing story and are an inspiration to so many. Saying goodbye is hard, but you’re moving on and growing- good on you!” a fan praised.

“Fantastic career. Retirement is well earned. Good luck in your next adventure,” another fan remarked.

According to Aspen Times, Lindsey purchased the 7,000 square foot residence in 2014. She put it on the market last fall with an initial asking price of $6 million. In February, the price was reduced to $5.2 million. The coronavirus pandemic seemingly impacted the process of selling it, and it recently sold for $4.8 million.

“Once a mountain girl, always a mountain girl,” someone else wrote.

In just one hour, Lindsey’s farewell post had already been liked by nearly 35,000 of her followers. More than 300 people commented as they shared their admiration for the champion skier.

Lindsey may be packing up her belongings and giving up her mountain area address, but it seems clear that the region will continue to hold a very special place in her heart.