Dirk Nowitzki Shaves Beard, Scores 25,000th Point [Video]

dirk nowitzki

It was a big day for Dirk Nowitzki. The NBA veteran scored his 25,000th point, helped the Mavs reach .500 for the year, and finally shaved that awful beard.

Nowitzki, who was sidelined earlier this year with a knee injury, made a promise with his fellow Mavericks that he wouldn’t shave his beard until the team reached .500.

The Mavericks won’t make the playoffs this year but at least Nowitzki won’t have to go the entire off-season with a beard.

Dirk shaved his beards last night shortly after the Mavericks beat the Hornets to bring their record to 40-40.

According to Yahoo Sports, the last time the Mavericks’ were at .500 was on December 12, 2012.

Nowitzki said:

“It’s been too long … Even my wife stopped kissing me somewhere in February. It feels good to shave again … I did it in a minute or a minute and a half, and then I did the coach’s meeting … And then I ran back in right before the interviews and cleaned up the rest on my neck and behind the ears and the nose hair a little bit, and then I did the interviews.”

Here’s the video of Dirk Nowitzki shaving his beard.

Hitting .500 was a big team accomplishments for the Mavericks but it wasn’t the only reason for celebration last night. Dirk became just the 17th player in NBA history (21st if you include the ABA) to score 25,000 points.

Dirk said that he knew exactly how many points he needed to score to achieve the milestone.

Dirk said: “I knew I had to get 10 today. The guys knew it. We kept running one play after another for me to get it. Actually the shot right before, I thought was going in, and it rolled out. Coach [Rick Carlisle] came right back and called another play for me. We wanted to get it over there in the first half so we could focus on winning this game. But I’m proud of how the guys played.”