Kate Bock Excited To Find Her ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Cover Issue At CVS

Kate Bock shared a celebratory video with her 694,000 Instagram followers on Friday night, in which she documented her trip to a local drugstore to find a copy of the 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The annual summer edition was released in mid-July after much anticipation, and Kate is one of this year’s cover models.

Kate shared the prestigious honor with newcomers Jasmine Sanders and Olivia Culpo. For the 2020 publication, Sports Illustrated shot four separate covers in tropical Bali last fall. The first included all three ladies posed together, and the following covers featured each gorgeous model individually.

The stunning blond filmed the short clip herself. It began with Kate standing in the aisle of a well-lit store, which she quickly identified as a CVS.

She faced the camera in the close-up shot, then quickly panned to the right, revealing the magazine rack in front of her. The multi-level, plastic display shelves held multiple types of magazines on different subject matters.

She zoomed in on a stunning photograph of herself wearing a revealing white two-piece while sunning herself on a tranquil beach. The Sports Illustrated letter mark was printed across the sky behind her alluring figure.

As the video continued, Kate focused the camera back on her face and pointed adorably at herself as she whispered, “That’s me!”

Kate’s huge blue eyes peeked over the edge of a black fabric mask. Her honey-blond tresses were styled casually and parted in the center, slipping over both shoulders.

She wore a pale blue, loose-fitting top with long sleeves. The chain strap of a small purse appeared to be slung diagonally across her chest.

The frozen food snack case was in the background, and numerous yummy treats were visible in the freezer over her right shoulder. A wide selection of colorful dish soap and other household cleaners lined the shelves on her left.


There was a comical addition to her post, which she clarified the caption. The cute video was paired with a photo identifying Vestry, who was waiting for Kate to make her important purchase.

Vestry was a beautiful and large canine companion who sat regally in the cushy passenger seat of Kate’s vehicle. He was decked out in a blue fabric scarf, as well as a fine leathery collar. He demonstrated very good behavior.

The first comment on the post was a fan who inquired whether or not the CVS clerk realized who Kate was when she bought the issue. She replied that she was not recognized.