‘One Piece’ Chapter 986 Recap: Nami & Carrot’s Lives In Danger After Being Captured By Big Mom’s Homies

One Piece features Straw Hat Pirates' former bounties.
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The latest chapter of One Piece may be focused on the surprise attack of the Nine Red Scabbards against Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido, but it also featured two important members of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance — Nami and Carrot — in great danger. After a long chase inside the enemy’s headquarters, Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin succeeded in capturing Nami and Carrot.

Emperor Big Mom found Nami and Carrot with the help of one of her homies, Prometheus. When they entered Emperor Kaido’s mansion in Onigashima, Prometheus sensed Zeus and immediately tracked their location. After she was informed about their whereabouts, Emperor Big Mom changed her target from Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper to Nami and Carrot.

The lady navigator and the carrot Mink ran as fast as they could, but they were still unable to escape from the Yonko and her Homies. Emperor Big Mom didn’t only regain Zeus, but she also caught the woman who kidnapped him. In One Piece Chapter 986, Linlin was shown ordering her Homies to bring Nami and Carrot to her. Shinobu was originally together with the two, but she managed to escape using her ninja abilities.

Instead of asking her to save them, Nami told her to focus on finding Kozuki Momonosuke. Shinobu did not think twice before following Nami’s order. Compared to their current situation, Momonosuke’s condition is worse. As of now, the little samurai is in the execution platform in the middle of the banquet hall and on the verge of suffering the same fate as his father, Lord Kozuki Oden.

One Piece features all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates.
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With the female ninja gone, it will be harder for Nami and Carrot to escape from Emperor Big Mom and her subordinates. They may currently be in the same place as their comrades, but most of them are busy with their own business. Nico Robin, Cyborg Franky, and Jinbe are in front of the execution platform preparing to save Momonosuke, while Usopp and Chopp are on their way to the banquet hall.

Roronoa Zoro has already started fighting the enemies, together with Eustass “Captain” Kid, while Monkey D. Luffy and Yamato are planning to join the Nine Red Scabbards in attacking Emperor Kaido. Luckily, there’s one guy who still hasn’t show up in One Piece Chapter 986 that could help Nami and Carrot, Vinsmoke Sanji. Though his whereabouts remain unknown, Sanji will surely do everything he can to save Nami and Carrot once he learns that their lives are in danger.