Reality Steve Breaks Down The Wild ‘Bachelorette’ Rumors About Clare Crawley’s Season

TV personality Clare Crawley attends ABC's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Premiere Party
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The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Clare Crawley will not be sticking with her lead role all the way through a final rose ceremony, and these rumors have everybody buzzing. Answers have not been pinned down yet, but Friday evening, spoiler king Reality Steve did an Instagram live session to share what he could.

Right now, there are plenty of rumors, but few details have been verified.

The rumors that are flying around suggest that Clare will not be moving forward with the process. Instead, it is believed that Tayshia Adams is currently at the La Quinta Resort in California and that she’ll take over as The Bachelorette. The word is that the producers may have been trying to keep some of the guys who had been filming and bring a few other candidates in to fill out the group.

Why would Tayshia take over as The Bachelorette? That is what’s causing a lot of speculation, but little has been confirmed.

The most dominant story is that the current Bachelorette already fell hard and fast for her first impression rose recipient. Rumor has it that she has said she knows he’s the guy and won’t continue filming.

During his Instagram live, Reality Steve said that he is pretty sure that the speculation about this switch is accurate. What’s driving it, however, he’s not certain about. He thinks the idea that The Bachelorette fell head-over-heels for contestant Dale Moss seems quite possible, but he thinks it’s curious that production would go along with her quitting filming.

Tayshia Adams films for 'Bachelor in Paradise'
  Craig Sjodin / ABC

He floated a couple of other possibilities, although he didn’t necessarily feel that these were likely. It could be that things with Clare as the lead were not working well and production decided to change course.

It’s also possible that her mom’s health has taken a bad turn, as she’s been open about her mother’s bad health before. Some The Bachelorette fans think, though, that ABC would just be upfront about that if it were the case.

If the dominant theory is true, how is it that The Bachelorette pair could be so sure so soon?

That leads to another theory, which is that maybe the two had been in touch privately already. After all, Dale was in the first group of bachelors released before The Bachelorette production was halted.

Some people think it’s entirely possible that the two formed a relationship that was already pretty solid by the time cameras started rolling in California.

There are plenty of outstanding questions at this point though, especially given the challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic. Tayshia has seemingly been quarantining this week, but what happens from here remains to be seen.

Reality Steve will likely pin down some concrete information soon, and he did note that he thinks ABC will make an announcement of some sort sooner rather than later. If this is the direction the upcoming season of The Bachelorette is headed, it may well make for the most dramatic journey the franchise has ever had.