Fox Sports Host Holly Sonders Shows Major Cleavage & Rock-Hard Abs In A Tiny Bikini On The Beach

Holly Sonders competes at the Humana Challenge golf event
Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

Fox Sports host Holly Sonders treated fans to two scintillating photos for her latest Instagram update on Friday. For the pics, she posed next to her fiancee while wearing a tiny bikini that flaunted her ample assets and chiseled midsection.

The 33-year-old shared the throwback pictures as she bemoaned the return of professional sports. She looked stunning in the revealing outfit and used the opportunity to promote the site of her partner, “Vegas” Dave Oancea.

The couple posed on the shore of a beach, which, according to the caption, was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They were photographed from the thighs up, and Sonders gave her followers some major eye candy in a snakeskin-print swimsuit. The top had a thick strap connecting the cups and was open in the middle, which left her generous bust exposed. There were straps that wrapped around Sonders’ neck and ones that went over her shoulders. Her bottoms were small in the front and had thick straps that went around her waist.

Vegas Dave sported a red tank top that had “Self Paid” written across the front and a pair of matching red shorts. Both of them wore sunglasses and face masks.

For the first snap, the couple faced the camera and Sonders had her arm over her beau’s shoulder while he grabbed her waist. This view gave fans a clear glimpse of her sculpted stomach and generous bust, which was accentuated by the top.

In the second photo, Sonders was photographed from the side as she leaned close to her fiance’s cheek as if giving him a kiss. The television personality’s tanned skin was glowing under the sun, and her toned legs and arms were hard to ignore.

Sonders included a lengthy caption that described how many hours her partner puts into work as a professional sports bettor. She also tagged him in the post.

Many of the fitness model’s 480,000 Instagram followers quickly noticed the beach photos, and more than 2,200 of them found their way to the like button in just over an hour after they went live. Models Toochi Kash and Katie Kearney both left emoji in the comments. Multiple fans also left supportive replies.

“Glad you are back to work Dave! All the best to you and stay safe out there you guys,” one follower wrote.

“Holly getting that ab work in,” another replied.

“Wishing you a wonderful and safe weekend, beautiful Holly,” a fan responded.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week Sonders celebrated the return of MLB with a spicy baseball-themed picture.