Toni Braxton Says Using A Sex Toy On Her Face Is Her 'Real Beauty Secret'

Stephanie Barnes

Toni Braxton offered her followers a glimpse into her morning routine, which involves using a pulsating sex toy to de-puff her under-eyes. The 52-year-old Grammy Award-winning superstar shared her unique beauty hack during a Vogue Beauty Secrets session, which can be viewed here.

In the video, Braxton kicked off her morning skincare routine by washing her face with a mild cleanser before following up with a layer of moisturizer. The singer then reached for her eye cream before introducing viewers to the star of the show — a purple vibrator. She explained that using the device on her face has helped to reduce the puffiness under her eyes.

"This thing right here, okay, I am going to admit, it is a vibrator," she said. "But I call it a face tingler."

She said she enjoys using the "tingler" in the mornings because it activates her facial muscles and prepares her for the day ahead. As she moved the makeshift beauty tool across her skin, she added a disclaimer to let fans know that she had not used the vibrator anywhere else on her body. Braxton went on to break down her preferred technique, adding that she occasionally likes to use the wand after it's been chilled.

"Sometimes I put it in the freezer and it gets really cold. I just kind of rub it and it just activates all those muscles," she said. "Get 'em together. We are working today. Under my eyes, they are really important to me."

Over on Instagram, Braxton shared a shorter version of the video, which focused on her under-eye tool. In the caption, she warned her followers that they should pay attention to the settings on the toy before using it.

"There's 3 settings...but I wouldn't advise putting it on 3."