Chris Wallace Rips Joe Biden For Avoiding Sunday Shows

On Friday, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace ripped Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee, for refusing to appear on Sunday news shows, Mediaite reported.

Speaking with anchor Bill Hemmer, Wallace said that Biden declined an invitation to sit down for an interview.

"We asked last week for an interview this past Sunday with Joe Biden, and they said that he is not available for that Sunday," Wallace began.

"That's not saying that he's not going to do an interview from now until election day, and we will ask every week, but you know, we'll see," he continued.

Wallace then pointed out that Biden has not appeared on a single Sunday news show for months.

The veteran journalist argued that such behavior "raises a risk" for the Democratic nominee ahead of the 2020 presidential election, since he will have to debate President Donald Trump.

"You've got to get into game shape like you would for a sports season or anything else, and I think that if you haven't, you may be a little rusty, which is not a good thing when 80 million people are watching."
Wallace first discussed the former vice president's reluctance to be interviewed last Sunday, when he told his viewers that he plans on contacting Biden's campaign representatives until they say yes.

Wallace extended the invitation after his contentious conversation with Trump.

During his appearance, the commander-in-chief accused his general election opponent of avoiding media and hiding in the basement of his Delaware home.

Trump said that Biden would not be able to handle a grilling from Wallace, suggesting that the former Delaware senator is not mentally fit for office.

According to Mediaite, Biden last appeared on a Sunday news show in early April, when he went on ABC's This Week. He was last interviewed by Wallace on March 1.

Former Vice President Joe Biden listens to a question from the media after delivering a speech at the William Hicks Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Delaware.
Getty Images | Mark Makela

Avoiding encounters with the press and staying out of the spotlight appears to be part of Biden's strategy.

As The Washington Post reported, the Democrat has been running a "less-is-more" campaign, avoiding scrutiny as Trump struggles to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and other ongoing crises.

The commander-in-chief and his allies have long alleged that Biden is being treated favorably by the media.

In addition, some of those close to Trump have dismissed opinion polls as "junk," arguing that polling agencies are biased against Republicans.

Polls suggest that Biden's strategy is working. The Democrat is ahead in the key states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona.