Sylvester Stallone Confirms Wesley Snipes For ‘Expendables 3’

Sylvester Stallone has confirmed that Wesley Snipes will sign on for the third installment of the Expendables franchise.

Rumors have been circulating for about a week that Passenger 57 himself would tackle a role in The Expendables 3. However, nothing about the actor’s involvement had been confirmed by either Snipes or Stallone. All of that has changed thanks to a late-night message on Twitter.

An insider previously explained to the New York Daily News that the stars of Demolition Man would reunite for the upcoming sequel. The source added that Sylvester Stallone was interested in helping Wesley Snipes get back on his feet after being releasing from prison.

“He sees him as a super addition to ‘The Expendables’ in what will be their biggest adventure yet,” the anonymous individual explained to the website.

In addition to touching on the recent Wesley Snipes rumors, Stallone also stated on Twitter that Mel Gibson’s involvement with The Expendables 3 would be a “long shot.” However, this doesn’t mean that the actor has ruled him out as a possible candidate for the director’s chair.

It’s been around seven years since Mel Gibson has helmed a project. His last endeavor was the 2006 adventure Apocalypto. He recently proved that he wasn’t above getting back into the action genre; Gibson the took the lead role in director Adrian Grunberg’s enjoyable 2012 prison flick Get the Gringo.

Gibson is currently working on a Viking movie entitled Berserker, a project he is reportedly developing with screenwriter Randall Wallace. If Stallone is interested in recruiting Gibson for The Expendables 3, then he might have to wait until Gibson finishes work on his next film.

Two of Stallone’s most recent Expendables-related tweets are below.

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