Plop Star Continues To Chug Along After Not-So-Hot 'Shark Tank' Appearance

Plop Star didn't initially have the greatest go-round on Shark Tank, with light sales leading to a lack of investments in the stink-covering outfit. But the bad reviews and the lack of cash apparently hasn't slowed down the company, which has continued to build up its online presence after its initial appearance last year.

The outfit was originally featured in October 2019, and by the time that ABC revisited the original episode in July 2020, one of the major weak spots for Plop Star appears to have started to turn the corner.

As Reel Chicago noted, the company's founder already had success in his first career as the founder of a Chicago-based production firm called Tandem. The Plop Star founder, Tyler Jay, decided to try something of a second career with what he marketed as "the world's most discreet bathroom deodorizer," covering up embarrassing odors with a citrus scent that's dropped directly into the toilet bowl.

TV Insider reported Plop Star failed to make much of an impression on the investors. While he started by asking for a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 10 percent stake, it didn't generate enough interest from the investors, largely due to the lack of sales. As the report noted, Plop Star had sold just $12,000 in products in the months before the show. The report also said that some of the Sharks have already invested in similar oil-based bathroom deodorizers, leaving the failure to impress the investors an even bigger blow.

But Jay said he didn't seem to mind leaving Shark Tank with no funding, telling Reel Chicago that it was always a dream to be featured on the ABC program.

"My family has been watching Shark Tank together for years," he told the outlet. "A lot of effort went into developing Plop Star, and it's been a dream come true to now be one of the featured entrepreneurs on the show."

The lack of investment didn't appear to be too much of a setback, with the company still going strong. While others have not been able to withstand some bad reviews on the show -- including some that have disappeared almost entirely -- Plop Star still has a strong presence and has racked up some strong reviews since then.

It's not clear how much Plop Star's sales may have increased since then, though Jay's success in his initial venture could give some wiggle room and more time to nurture Plop Star into a success.