Blac Chyna Bathes Naked In A Pool Of Roses

Blac Chyna took to her Instagram account on Thursday, July 30, to share a series of images of herself posing nude in an infinity pool full of red roses. Her 16.3 million followers were wowed by the photos and couldn't wait to let her know in the comments.

She tagged the location as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It appeared to be a beautiful evening, with the sky glowing orange and yellow with a purple haze. Behind her lay the ocean, still and calm.

The first snap was taken from afar. In that image, Chyna stood up in the water, her naked back to the camera. She looked off to the side, bending one arm at the elbow and placing her hand on her head. She used her other hand to cover her buxom bust. Her millions of followers could see her large, multicolored tattoos. The petals scattered all around her, floating in the water. Her dark, wavy hair was soaking wet and cascaded down her back.

Chyna laid down in the second shot, one bare leg popping up. Her shoulders were also on display. She once again glanced off-camera.

The third picture depicted Chyna looking directly at the lens with a seductive stare. Her lips were pursed together in a straight line. Only her head was visible, and she was surrounded by the flowers.

Chyna turned her back to the camera in the fourth and final photo, glancing over her shoulder. She held a rose up to her face in one hand, clutching another one in the other. Her bold red eyeshadow matched the hue of the petals.

Chyna's followers flocked to the comment section of the post in droves, eager to shower her in compliments and praise. While many sent Chyna rows of emoji, other fans left her lengthier messages.

"Beautiful Queen," declared one fan, punctuating their message with a red heart.

"You in trophy mode," said a second social media user, following up their message with a bomb emoji, as well as a smiley face with heart eyes.

"Baby you an art piece," gushed a third person, adding four heart-eye emoji.

"Pure siren lol," wrote a fourth fan.

At the time of this writing, the Instagram slideshow had received more than 85,000 likes and racked up close to 1,000 comments.

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