Teens Sentenced For Killing Homeless Man

Teens Sentenced In Murder Of Homeless Man

Three Liverpool teens have been sentenced for killing a homeless man last year. Connor Doran, age 17, Brandon Doran, age 14, and Simon Evans, age 14, are accused of kicking and beating the man to death on a dare.

Connor, who was labeled as “leader of the pack” by the judge, was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in jail. Evans was sentenced to eight years. Brandon, who was reportedly the lookout, was sentenced to a minimum of six years.

Kevin Bennett, age 53, was reportedly sleeping on the sidewalk outside a grocery store when the boys attacked him. Attorneys stated that Connor initiated the attack by suggesting that the younger Evans did not have the nerve to kill the homeless man.

As reported by The Guardian, Evans admitted to friends that he “started kicking him.” Brandon reportedly watched as his older brother and Evans continued punching and kicking the man. The three boys reportedly left the man for dead, as was not found until the next morning.

Bennett was taken to the hospital with a collapsed lung, shattered eye socket, and broken ribs. He eventually died of multiple organ failure due to blood poisoning.

All three teens plead not guilty of killing the homeless man. After a trial that lasted nearly a month, Judge Clement Goldstone QC found all three boys guilty and sentenced them each to several years in jail.

As reported by BBC, Judge Goldstone stated that “it is a desperately sad reflection on this society that each of you was party to serious violence purely for the sake of it.” Linda Duran, mother of Connor and Brandon, has been sentenced to 30 months for providing false information about her sons’ alibi.

Linda Duran was described by the judge as a “pathetic and tragic character.” She and all four of her sons have been arrested an jailed. Her oldest son Ryan killed a man last October and will spend life in prison. Her son Jordan was sentenced to six months for taking pictures during his younger brothers’ trial. Her two youngest sons will now spend time in jail for killing a homeless man.

Detective Inspector Cheryl Rhodes feels that justice has been served. She hopes that the teens’ sentence for killing the homeless man will bring closure and a sense of justice to Kevin Bennett’s family.

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