Yaslen Clemente Brings The Heat In Sexy Bra & Panties Pic

Fitness model Yaslen Clemente poses for a mirror selfie.
Yaslen Clemente / Instagram

Latina model, influencer and fitness coach Yaslen Clemente riled a large contingent of her 2 million Instagram followers with her post on Friday, July 31. The 23-year-old opted to close out the month with a provocative photo update, seen here, in which she was shown wearing a lacy lavender bra-and-panties combination that allowed for an ample showing of cleavage, as well as a tempting display of her buxom lower body.

In the caption, Clemente tagged Lounge Underwear, the maker of the sexy ensemble, while offering an inspirational quote. The lacy garments she wore spotlighted her sharp curves to great effect according to the litany of comments that were left by fans and admirers inspired by the look.

“Your look makes me so crazy,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Wow,” exclaimed another fan, “purple looks so good on you.”

“Damnnnnn you’re honestly the prettiest girl on the gram!!!” exclaimed a particularly smitten commenter.

“Beautiful lady,” appraised a fourth admirer.

Clemente’s steamy photo showed the social media maven posing on the side of a white sofa with her left leg bent at the knee and resting over one of its arms. Meanwhile, she arched her back slightly while bracing her weight against the top of the sofa with one hand and reaching behind her head with the other. The placement of her limbs in tandem with the torquing of her spine thoroughly emphasized the curves of her voluptuous midsection and backside.

The noted gym rat’s NSFW areas were all that the bra and panties managed to cover, as Clemente’s navel was left revealed, along with the cleavage created by her perky assets. Her top was so scant, in fact, that tan lines created on her bust by a previous top were completely visible in the shot.

As the photo was snapped, Clemente peered dreamily into the camera’s lens with her eyelids showing a hint of constriction and her full lips seductively parted. All the while, the blond tips and wavy strands of her otherwise dark hair framed her face on both sides.

Clemente’s post generated a significant response in a relatively short amount of time. In just a few hours after showing up on her feed, the steamy snapshot had been double-tapped to the tune of almost 20,000 likes. Furthermore, a slew of replies like the ones above filled the comments section.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Clemente also brought the heat in a recent update which showed her flaunting her gym-honed physique in a plunging sports bra and tiny shorts.