Britney Spears Reveals Beauty Struggles & Shares Video That Disturbs Some Fans

Britney Spears shared her beauty struggles in a new Instagram post. On Friday, the “Toxic” hitmaker took to the social media platform to update her 25.9 million followers on how she’s changed up her skincare routine. Her post included a new video that many of her fans found disturbing.

Britney, 38, revealed that she’s really been missing her oxygen facials as of late. She wrote that her skin is really dry, but she doesn’t want to moisturize it too much because she doesn’t want to break out. As she noted, there are also “so damn many” skincare products on the market, which makes it difficult to choose what to use. For now, she’s simply decided to experiment with switching up her beauty routine a bit. Instead of only applying her skincare products at night, she’s also using them in the morning.

The video included quite a few close-up shots of her face, which looked smooth and blemish-free. The pop star was rocking a crop top similar to those that she’s worn in many of her past videos. The tiny white blouse featured a pink-and-green floral print, short puff sleeves, and a lace-up front. She accessorized her look with a white puka shell necklace and a black ribbon choker with a silver pendant.

Her long blond locks were styled in a ponytail. The crown of her hair was slightly puffed up in the front to create a small bouffant, and the length of her tresses were pulled over her left shoulder. Most of her bangs were combed to the right.

Britney stood in front of a solid white backdrop. The singer was filmed staring into the camera and smiling as she stepped toward and away from the lens. The footage included a number of cuts. She showed her teeth in some shots, while she kept her lips closed in others. Throughout much of the video, she kept her chin tilted down and gazed up at the camera. She also moved her head and eyes around a bit.

Many of the responses to Britney’s Instagram post were reactions to the footage.

“This is one of the creepiest videos I have ever seen,” read one remark.

“Anybody else find this so creepy?” another commenter wrote.

“This is haunting,” a third message read.

“I’m so scared, y’all. BRIT WE LOVE YOU!” a fourth fan said.

Fans have been expressing concern over Britney’s well-being for months now, with many supporters of the “Free Britney” movement suggesting that the singer is unhappy and unwell. They’ve speculated that her conservatorship is partially to blame for these perceived struggles due to the amount of control that it gives her father, Jamie Spears, over almost every aspect of her life. Many fans even believe that Britney is using her Instagram videos to send them secret messages about how she’s supposedly being controlled and shut away against her will.