Stephen Miller Dragged After Not Sharing His Umbrella With Pregnant Wife Katie

White House advisor Stephen Miller (L) and Katie Waldman, now Miller, arrive for the State Dinner at The White House
Paul Morigi / Getty Images

White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller dodged questions from reporters on Friday morning as he walked outdoors in the rain with his wife Katie. While his avoidance of a coronavirus question made some headlines, it seemed that many across Twitter went wild over what he did, or did not do, as he navigated the wet weather.

CBS journalist Paula Reid shared a short video clip on Friday morning via her Twitter page showing the moment that has gone viral across social media. The couple was filmed walking outdoors from one spot to another and the ground was wet from some precipitation. As they hustled through the drizzle, a question was shouted out to the White House adviser. A reporter wanted to know if Miller had tested positive for COVID-19 after his wife tested positive in May.

Miller declined to answer and just grinned, but that wasn’t what seemed to demand the attention of so many. Rather, it was the fact that he protected himself from the raindrops, leaving Katie to duck a bit and walk through the rain fully exposed.

“BTW – just like his boss, notice he does NOT even attempt to hold the umbrella over his wife’s head – just his own,” one person tweeted.

President Donald Trump, Miller’s boss, has been spotted more than once doing something similar with first lady Melania.

“Not holding an umbrella for his PREGNANT wife. The misogyny runs deep,” someone else remarked.

When Katie returned to work as Vice President Mike Pence’s aide in May, she revealed on social media that she was pregnant. She does not yet appear to be sporting a major baby bump, but she was wearing a loose, flowy pink dress on Friday morning as she dodged the raindrops.

“My husband would never do that. That’s straight up rude and she is recovering from COVID-19? Not cool at all,” detailed another post.

A number of people noted that Miller didn’t seem like much of a gentleman as they watched the woman they thought was simply a co-worker walk next to him. As those folks realized that she was not only his wife but that she was also expecting their first child, they expressed even more shock.

“What is up with these people not offering umbrellas to their partner? Simple gestures say a lot about character. I mean we already know their character, but, yeah…” quipped another critic.

The criticism over what happened with Miller in this clip was plentiful as comments built up throughout the day in response to Reid’s post. There may well have been a reasonable explanation regarding the quick walk through the raindrops that others were not privy to, but Miller certainly didn’t earn any praise over the short clip that hit Twitter.