Khloe Terae Nails Backbend-Split Combo Wearing Bright Thong Bikini

Khloe Terae attends The Maxim Hot 100 Experience
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Khloe Terae wowed her 2.3 million Instagram followers with an acrobatic display on Friday afternoon. The Canadian beauty posed gracefully on a beach wearing a lime green bikini that left little to the imagination. The summery post racked up almost 4,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Khloe performed an impressive back bend at the water’s edge. Both palms were planted firmly in the sand and she balanced on her tip toes, which had sunk halfway into the damp grains as it shifted beneath the rolling waves.

Her long, lean body arched gracefully against the tranquil cerulean background.

She also extended her toned right leg straight into the air with her toes pointed. Khloe spread her legs wide apart to nearly full splits in a seemingly effortless feat of flexibility.

Her muscular frame was taut and strong in order to maintain her precarious positioning, which was spectacular even with the absence of flowing water and moving sand as her base.

Khloe’s flaunted her stunning figure in the perfectly executed arch and her skimpy swimwear.

The curves of her voluptuous booty were prominently displayed by the high Brazilian cut of the thong bottoms, which were barely visible from the viewer’s angle.

The top of the suit featured large underwire cups that hugged the blond bombshell’s shapely bust as she supported her upper body upside down.

Khloe bent her head back and appeared to focus her eyes on the ground below her. Her lips were parted slightly and she had an expression of intense concentration on her face.

Platinum hair almost grazed the sand and appeared to blow in a gentle ocean breeze.

Sunshine spilled across Khloe’s deep, tanned skin and sculpted physique, highlighting her beautiful, athletic build.

She accessorized with an ankle bracelet made of tiny white seashells strung together and tied with a white string, which was on the leg that was thrust high into the air.

The idyllic background featured a calm expanse of blue-green sea that met a pale, cloudless sky at the horizon. A sailboat and a few speedboats dotted the scene in the far distance.

Khloe’s ardent Instagram followers were eager to express their adoration for her in the comments section.

“Damn those legs…you are incredible!” raved one fan.

“No one can do it like Khloe,” declared a second person.

“Living for these photos,” stated a third follower, likely referring to several of Khloe’s recent posts in which she demonstrated her amazing flexibility while wearing next to nothing.