Iulia Valentina Shows Off Major Cleavage In Saucy Instagram Update

Iulia Valentina takes a selfie
Iulia Valentina / Instagram

Iulia Valentina thrilled her 1.4 million followers with her latest Instagram upload. The Romanian model published two smoking-hot snaps in which she rocked a skimpy beach shirt that showcased her voluptuous assets and killer figure.

Iulia modeled her scanty attire in what looked like a garden. Sun-dried grass and tall shrubs made up her background. In the first snapshot, she stood sideways in the middle of the frame, placing her right foot forward. She struck a seductive pose where she held her unbuttoned outfit together and positioned both hands under her bust, exposing ample cleavage as a result.

She looked straight at the lens and offered a sultry gaze. The view made a lot of fans happy, and many of them expressed their excitement in the comments.

In the second photo, the influencer changed her stance. She stood with her back facing the camera. Her curvy behind was somewhat evident in the picture. She closed her eyes as the photographer took the shot.

Iulia appeared to wear a short shirt with various floral prints, the garment coming from PrettyLittleThing. The clothing had a button-up design with a collar and long sleeves. The piece was seemingly made of chiffon fabric that looked light and airy. It featured a belt made of the same materials tied around her slim waist. The lower hem hit across her upper thighs, which allowed the model to showcase her flawless legs. She wore no bottoms.

Iulia sported a pair of thick, medium-sized hoop earrings as her only accessory. She tied her blond locks into a high ponytail and left a few tendrils of hair hanging down. She wrote about the hot summer weather in the caption and gave credit to PrettyLittleThing by tagging the brand in the post.

The newest social media share has been liked over 31,1000 times and has received over 400 comments. Hundreds of online admirers flocked to the comments section and wrote gushing messages. Countless followers praised her beauty and complimented her sexy physique. Others were left without words, instead opting to use a trail of emoji to express themselves.

“You are so perfect. I am not even exaggerating. If I have a woman as hot as you, I’ll never want to leave,” gushed a fan.

“It’s hot because you are out and about. You are on fire, girl. So gorgeous! Have a great day and a great weekend,” another fan commented.

“I am in love with your sexy body and beautiful face. It’s mesmerizing,” a third social media user added.