Farrah Abraham Doesn’t Want To Be Mean, But James Deen’s ‘Penis Is Small’

As Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s sex/porn tape scandal threatens to swallow her whole, she seems keen to take everyone down with her, lashing out at co-star James Deen for leaking the rumored tape’s true nature to the press.

Rumors regarding a possible Farrah Abraham sex tape hit the web last week, with the reality TV vet denying any knowledge of its existence. Then came pornographic actor James Deen, who candidly admitted to “shooting a porno” with Abraham a few days later. Then, the truth finally came out. Abraham actually requisitioned Deen and Vivid Entertainment to help her make a porn film, apparently with eyes on selling it for millions of dollars.

Now, Abraham is doing damage control and attempting to prevent the tape from ever seeing the light of day.

TMZ confronted Abraham on Saturday, April 13, asking her about the sex tape. In her response, Abraham targeted co-star Deen, swinging below the belt, and hard.

“I don’t need to talk negatively about someone because I have nothing good to say,” she said, before adding, “he should really just get out of the porn industry because things have gotten to his head, he disrespects women and his penis is small. I haven’t seen many but his definitely was not big.”

Abraham continued:

“At the time, I thought he would be professional and I’m really hurt with how he acted and that’s what I’m so shocked about.”

Abraham was with her mother, Deborah, who also sounded off on the controversy.

“How would you feel? Somebody’s trying to exploit your daughter, ruin her reputation, ruin her life?” she said. “It’s really upsetting, and then I have to hear about this from the media, that’s how I found out: when I was at work.”

The photographer then accurately pointed out that Abraham copped to making the sex tape, implying that she has a stake in her reputation being ruined as well. But Deborah wasn’t hearing it.

“Well, did somebody tell her that they were making a video? Did somebody tell her what this was about?” she asked. “I don’t think so. There’s a lot of angles to a story.”

Though Abraham’s lawyer has sent a cease and desist order to Vivid head Steve Hirch, he wants to release sex tape badly. “It’s amazing … and I’m doing everything in my power to get the rights to put it out,” he said.

The only question on my mind is: How did Farrah Abraham think this would play out? Regardless, right now I’m positive she’s thinking this:

huge mistake