'RHOBH' Star Brandi Glanville Suggests Denise Richards' Enemies Are DMing Her 'Info,' Shares Poll Results

Brandi Glanville has suggested that enemies of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Denise Richards have been sending her information about the actress on social media.

In a series of posts shared to her Instagram stories on Friday, July 31, Brandi said she's been learning new details about the person she recently had a very public falling out with on the show before denying she has ever been anything less than honest with fans in another post, and also on Twitter.

"The thing about being on a reality TV show and having a public falling out with another person on the show for everyone to see..is that the other [person's] enemies start DMing you info that you are not even asking for," Brandi wrote in her first story, which included a photo of a cup of tea.

Then, in her second message, she said the public knows exactly who she is, including the "good, bad and f*cking ugly."

Following Wednesday night's episode of RHOBH, which featured Denise denying things Brandi said about her, including claims she made about Denise talking poorly about the rest of the women and claims regarding the two of them having an affair, Brandi told her fans and followers on Twitter that the latest episode was frustrating to watch.

"It's very frustrating watching [RHOBH] & People saying they have to consider the source of where the information came from I've been known as a lot of things but a liar has never been one of them," she tweeted.

In a couple of other posts shared to her Instagram stories, Brandi re-shared messages from people who had included poll results about whether she or Denise was more credible.

"Who's story do you believe?" one of her re-posted stories asked.

The post, which included options for both stars, revealed that 82 percent of participants chose Brandi.

In another similar post, 63 percent of people agreed that Brandi was the more credible source.

Denise Richards walks at the Kyle + Shahida Runway show during New York Fashion Week.
Getty Images | Fernanda Calfat
Denise Richards walks at the Kyle + Shahida Runway show during New York Fashion Week.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Brandi has been doing what she can to prove that she is no liar in recent weeks and actually got her dad involved with an Instagram video days ago in which he was heard making it clear that she does not lie.

"My daughter may be many things, sometimes an a**hole, but she's not a liar," Guy Glanville told her audience in a clip shared to Brandi's page.