Ashley Resch Flaunts Tanned, Completely Bare Backside In The Sunshine

selfie of Ashley Resch
Ashley Resch / Instagram

Instagram model Ashley Resch thrilled her 921,000 followers with her most recent post on Friday afternoon. She shared an insanely hot photo in which she showed off her naked backside while lounging outdoors. The image racked up over 3,000 likes in less than 30 minutes after it was uploaded.

Ashley is used to delighting fans with her stunning beauty, but they don’t often get a full glimpse of all of her amazing physique. The Canadian social media sensation bared all of her curves for fans and stated in the caption that she was longing for a vacation. She also indicated in the geotag that the sunny snap was taken in Los Angeles.

Ashley reclined on her right side with her back facing the camera. She appeared to be resting on one elbow with her left arm draped across the front of her body. Her right shoulder was in the shadow of her tumbling tresses, but the tips of her fingers were visible, gently tousling the hair at the crown of her head.

Ashley’s left knee was bent and pulled up in front of her body, and she balanced some of her slight weight on the inside of her leg as she posed. This positioning enhanced the curves of her incredible rear and drew particular attention to her left cheek, which appeared as a perfect, tantalizing orb.

Her voluptuous derriere swelled below her narrow waist, which accentuated her natural hourglass shape.

Ashley was bathed in gorgeous, even light that illuminated her curves and made her skin appear flawless. It spilled across her slender figure, making her body appear as if it had been painted, or painstakingly carved out of smooth marble. The play of light and shadow across the taut muscles of her back and alluring swell of her derriere was spectacular.

A few of Ashley’s many tattoos were visible in the image. She had a small bit of ink in the center of her back between her shoulder blades, and part of a full sleeve on her right leg could be seen on the back of her thigh.

Her wavy hair was swept to one side and grazed the top of her shoulders, glinting in the sunlight. She wore small hoops in her ears, but that appeared to be her only accessory.

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ready for another vacay

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Ashley’s dedicated Instagram fans were eager to express their stunned amazement at the sultry image in the comments section.

“Dropped my phone,” joked one follower.

“Sweet Jesus,” declared a second person.

“Great shot,” observed another, adding heart emoji to emphasize their words.