Holly Sonders Lies On Her Back In Beachfront Bikini Snap

TV host, model and former golfer Holly Sonders poses for a mirrored selfie.
Holly Sonders / Instagram

TV host, model and influencer Holly Sonders has made a habit of posting steamy bikini shots to her Instagram feed of late and she continued the trend with her most recent update on the platform. Her July 31 post found the former professional golfer sprawled out in the shallow waters of a beach, with large waves cresting in the background. Sonders’ stunning figure was pleasingly adorned with nothing but a skimpy blue bikini as she laid on the sand.

In the accompanying caption, Sonders asked her fans where they could go if the destination could be anywhere in the world, offering Greece as her ideal travel spot. While a several exotic locales were listed by her admirers, many were content just to share their appreciation for the sultry and sensual image she had provided in the update.

“To the beach you are sprawled out on,” answered one user, adding a slew of emoji to their words for emphasis.

“To wherever you’re going to go looking like that,” another wrote.

“Anywhere with you,” added fellow model, social media star and standout golfer Katie Kearney.

The photo that was uploaded by Sonders was a long shot of the statuesque model lying across the wet sands of the beach. Although she was captured at a distance and the rushing waves behind her made for a stunning backdrop, Sonders nonetheless managed to own the frame with her tight, yet shapely features.

She lifted her left knee as she laid in the shallow water, revealing her inner thigh in the process. The opposite leg was stretched out parallel to the ground beneath her, with her toes pointed out toward the water. She rested her right arm to the near side with her palm affixed to the sand. Her left arm was placed in a contrasting position on the far side with her hand resting above her head and the corresponding palm facing the sky.

The 33-year-old’s hair was tucked under her body and appeared to be wet from being exposed to the oncoming tide. Her sizable bust rose prominently above the rest of her upper body in the shot. Although the details of her face were somewhat out of focus, Sonders’ eyes appeared to be closed as the picture was snapped.

Her latest swimsuit snap was well on its way to generating a big-time response on Instagram as of this writing, with nearly 1,000 likes having been accrued in just few short minutes. Replies similar to those aforementioned were also mounting in the comments section.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, this is hardly the first time Sonders has put her fit physique on display. On July 29, she shared an update in which she wore a plunging white top and skintight jeans.