Actor Brad Garrett Says Ellen DeGeneres Treating People 'Horribly' Is 'Common Knowledge'

The past several months have been full of turmoil for the beloved talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres. Back in March, a thread began on Twitter where former employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show shared their horror stories of working on set. Others who had either met Ellen or came into contact with her on the NBC lot also detailed stories of her alleged rude behavior -- and things have gone down the tubes since.

Actor Brad Garrett is the latest celebrity to speak out on the allegations against Ellen, tweeting that he knows people who have been treated poorly by her in the past.

The Everybody Loves Raymond actor tweeted early Friday an article of Ellen's recent apology for the mistreatment of employees on her set. In the comedian's apology, she noted she needed to pay more attention to what was happening around her at work, and trusted those she had in positions of power her to behave properly and do the right thing when it came to her staff. According to Brad, that's not enough.

"Sorry but it comes from the top ⁦@TheEllenShow Know more than one who were treated horribly by her.⁩ Common knowledge."
The "common knowledge" comment comes as quite the blow, with Brad suggesting many in the entertainment industry know of her poor behavior behind the scenes.

Ellen DeGeneres appears at The Golden Globes
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

In the comment section under Brad's new tweet, followers began asking for an explanation. Others felt it wasn't fair for him to just make the accusation without any proof.

"I'd like to understand what treated horribly means? It's easy to say that without an explanation. I'm not defending Ellen I'd just like to know how you define horrible because it is a pretty strong word to define treatment," one user asked.

Others shared their own stories in the comments.

"I worked on Ellen's show at Disney for 2 years. It was a horrible experience. I had always hoped that with her great success, marriage, etc. that would change her but I guess not. Too bad for everyone subjected to it," a second user alleged.

Brad isn't the first celebrity to speak out against the Ellen allegations. Makeup guru Nikkie de Jager (known as Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube), detailed her experience with the 62-year-old a guest on the daytime series. She said there is a major difference between the Ellen from the show and the Ellen from real life. Nikkie claimed the host was "cold" to her and wouldn't speak to her before the cameras started rolling.