'90 Day Fiancé': Debbie Johnson Compares Larissa Dos Santos Lima To Son's New Girlfriend

Stephanie Barnes

TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Debbie Johnson is comparing her son Colt Johnson's ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, to his girlfriend, Jess Caroline, according to Us Weekly.

"I don't think Larissa is evil. I mean, I don't think she is not," Debbie said. "She's a different type of person, and she can't help some of the things that she does and…it's just the way she is. She can't help it, but I think Jess just has a plan."

After meeting online, Larissa and Colt spent five days getting to know each other in-person before deciding to apply for the K-1 visa, which allowed her to move from her home in Brazil to the United States.

While appearing on the show, the couple's relationship was plagued with issues, including the fact that Debbie and her new daughter-in-law did not get along. By the end of the season, the couple called it quits after six months of marriage and three incidents of domestic violence, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Both Larissa and Colt have returned to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise with new partners. The beginning of the new season saw Larissa moving in with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Eric Nichols, while her ex-husband focused on his relationship with Jess — another Brazilian woman he met online — despite his mother's objections.

Debbie said she isn't trying to bash Jess, but she just doesn't want her to be in a relationship with her son.

"I think that she's wrong for Colt," she said. "I think she went after Colt for the wrong reasons and I just don't think they were a good match, but I'm sure she'd be perfect for someone else."

As for Colt, he admitted that there have been multiple red flags in his relationship with his new girlfriend, but he has managed to block them out. The Las Vegas native said he doesn't always think before leaping into new things, which contributed to his failed marriage.

"I proposed to my ex-wife after five days just knowing her, spending time with her," he said. "So I think I have a hard time confusing love [with] just affection."

Colt added that he thinks he may have missed an incident between his mother and girlfriend because he doesn't quite understand why they argue as much as they do. While visiting Jess's family in Brazil, the two women got into an argument at dinner after Debbie made it clear that she didn't approve of the couple's future wedding. The older woman insisted things were moving too quickly between the pair, but Colt didn't want to hear it. In an attempt to diffuse the tension, he sent his mother back to their hotel in a taxi.

Debbie said her son should have taken her side, but acknowledged that he may have been too drunk to understand the situation.