‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers & Rumors: Clare Crawley Reportedly Already In Love, Threatening To Quit The Show

Clare Crawley Visits EXTRA at Westfield Century City
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The Bachelorette spoilers for Clare Crawley’s season tease that she may have already found the man of her dreams. In fact, if these reports are accurate, her confidence in this match is so high she even said she wanted to quit and just move forward with this one guy.

Filming had to be put on hold for almost four months due to the coronavirus pandemic, but her journey to find love did finally start earlier this month. Spoiler king Reality Steve just revealed the scoop on which guy received the first impression rose earlier this week, and now the buzz is that this particular The Bachelorette suitor has completely swept her off of her feet.

The first impression rose is rumored to have gone to bachelor Dale Moss. For four out of the past five The Bachelorette seasons, the gentleman receiving that initial nod of interest has also ended up being the last man standing. According to scoop from Life & Style, that may well be the case this time around as well.

“She told producers she no longer wanted to participate in the show” due to the fact she had supposedly “already fallen in love” with Dale.

Dale Moss attends IAVA 12th Annual Heroes Gala at the Classic Car Club Manhattan
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Given that The Bachelorette production was not quite two weeks into the process as this supposedly happened, insiders say that producers were totally blindsided. The rumors are that she became so all-in on this particular suitor that she even refused to come out of her room to continue.

“Producers are scrambling to figure out what to do. They are frantic trying to pick up the pieces without having to start over completely,” the source said.

Spoiler king Reality Steve shared his thoughts on this possible chaos via his Twitter page.

“She signed a contract for the show. You can’t just quit in the middle of it. If that were the case, PLENTY of other former leads would’ve done that once they knew who [they] wanted early on. So dumb,” he tweeted.

Based on that post, it seemed that he wasn’t dismissing the idea that Clare thinks she had already fallen for this particular guy. Rather, it seemed that he’s basically rolling his eyes over the idea that she would be allowed to walk away from continuing on as The Bachelorette.

As the blogger referenced, there are other leads of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette who have made an early connection with someone that stuck. There have been rumors before about various leads wanting to quit over reasons like this or because of frustrations over things going wrong.

However, those types of issues have always been worked out. What will happen this time? Additional spoilers should emerge over the next few weeks as this process moves forward. The new season of The Bachelorette is slated to air on ABC this fall.

Did Clare already fall for Dale to the extent that nobody else has a chance of winning her heart? Will The Bachelorette fans be able to see that strong connection on-screen this fall? People will certainly be interested to see how this plays out.