Veronica Bielik Flaunts Cheeky Side In Stunning Throwback Bikini Snap

Polish model, social media maven and world traveler Veronica Bielik took a trip back to 2017 in stunning fashion with her most recent Instagram update. While the Instagram post has recently been removed, the 26-year-old influencer uploaded a steamy throwback snap in which her toned physique, killer curves and shapely derrière were deftly accentuated by a tiny, black bikini as she strolled down a beach.

In the post's caption, Bielik made mention of the year the photo was snapped as well as the location of the shoot -- Sri Lanka -- stating that she missed being there. While the picture's oceanfront backdrop was a sight to behold with its smooth, wet sands, rustling tide and palm trees, Bielik's taut, yet curvaceous bikini figure may have been the most impressive view of all, according to fan comments on the post.

"Wow i need to visit there but you made it look even better," commented one user.

"You need to come to my beach," stated another fan.

"Beautiful and a stunning body," appraised a third admirer.

"I bet Sri Lanka misses you more, not that I blame it," added a fourth commenter.

In the full shot, Bielik was shown posing with her back to the camera's lens and her arms seemingly reaching around to her front side and resting against her mid-section. She had turned her head slightly to the left, offering a profile view of her beautiful face as she offered a smile. Meanwhile, her hair flowed out behind her head with its ends nearly reaching her lower back.

The rear-side view of Bielik's beach-ready body placed all the emphasis on her cheeky assets, which were almost aglow as they caught the sun; much of the rest of her body was blanketed in shadow. The thong bottom she wore rested pleasingly on her hips on both sides, but provided only scant coverage for her mid-section.

Bielik's legs, booty, much of her back, arms and shoulders were all left bare by the skimpy ensemble and her seemingly flawless skin stunned in spite of the shadows.

Although it wasn't a recent picture, Bielik's photo update nonetheless proved to be a big hit among her followers, which currently number almost 3 million on the platform. A few, short hours after appearing on her feed, the photo was creeping up on 50,000 likes, while almost 600 comments like the ones above had been left.

Bielik's beachfront exposé wasn't the only steamy throwback pic to hit her Instagram account in recent days. As shared previously by The Inquisitr, she also stunned with a balcony shot in which she wore a skimpy, white bikini.