Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Divorcing? Sharon Spotted Moving To New Home

Are Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne getting a divorce?

Rumors about the celebrity couple splitting up have been circulating for weeks and today Sharon was spotted without her wedding ring moving into a new home in Beverly Hills.

According to the Daily Mail, Sharon, 60, and Ozzy, 64, have been living apart for weeks.

The Mirror reports that many of the Osbourne’s problems stem from finances. Ozzie and Sharon were hit with a $1.5 million bill after Sharon reportedly lost track of the family’s finances.

A source said: “The financial situation has been a real burden for them both and has put a huge strain on them. These were big bills, and it has been very difficult for both of them. As anyone who has watched them on TV will know, they’re no strangers to rows, but they’ve been under a lot of pressure recently.”

According to the source, Sharon and Ozzie want to work things out but they both have very busy schedules at the moment. Ozzy will be gone for the majority of the year for a tour in North America, Europe and South America.

The source added: “What makes things even harder for them is that they’ve both got huge work commitments for the rest of the year which stand in the way of them spending much time together. It’s a shame because they really need some quality time to sort things out.”

Ozzy and Sharon have been married since 1982. They have three kids together, Aimee, Kelly and Jack.

A rep for the couple denied reports that the marriage was in trouble.

The rep said: “They’ve both got huge work commitments. She is at the hotel for work and he is starting his Black Sabbath tour. Of course they row but they are still together. Sharon and Ozzy have spent long periods of time apart before when she was working in the U.K. The marriage is not on the rocks.”