'One Piece' Episode 934 Reveals Who's Stronger Between Zoro And Killer

The latest episode of One Piece anime, which is titled "A Big Turnover! The Three-Sword Style Overcomes Danger!" featured the intense clash between two powerful vice-captains, Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates and Killer of the Kid Pirates. In the anime, Killer was originally introduced in the Land of Wano as Kamazo, the assassin that Shogun Kurozumi Orochi sent to kill Toko. Some fans had a hard time figuring out that Kamazo was also Killer, since his appearance had changed.

However, in the manga, it was already revealed that Kamazo and Killer were the same. In the opening scenes of One Piece Episode 934, Zoro was featured protecting Toko and Komurasaki from the assassin. At first, it looked like Killer was just as strong as Zoro. Using two scythes, he was able to give the Pirate Hunter a tough fight.

The situation briefly turned in Killer's favor when Gyukimaru interfered in the battle. Gyukimaru was a bandit who was traveling around the Land of Wano to collect various weapons. He also got one of Roronoa's swords, Shusui, which he claimed was stolen from the grave of the legendary samurai, Ryuma. When the fight started, the giant samurai was only watching at the bridge.

However, it turned out that he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike Pirate Hunter. When Zoro turned his focus to the giant samurai, Killer found an opening and successfully stabbed his body with his scythe. Kid's right-hand man thought he held the upper hand in the battle, but the reaction in his face suddenly changed when he saw Zoro smile.

One Piece features Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates.
Flickr/ Public Domain | EiikoChan88

Despite being heavily wounded, Pirate Hunter still decided to continue his fight with the assassin. Instead of being worried about his current situation, Zoro took advantage of it to obtain victory. He pulled out the scythe in his body and used it as his third sword. Using the three-sword style, Zoro unleashed one powerful attack against Killer that completely knocked him out. Everyone who witnessed the battle, including Toko and Komurasaki, was stunned after seeing Zoro's finishing move.

Unfortunately, after defeating Killer, Zoro no longer had enough energy left to deal with his other enemy. With the amount of blood that he lost, Zoro lost consciousness and fell into the snowy ground. Luckily, instead of taking advantage of a wounded swordsman, Gyukimaru just took one of Killer's scythes and immediately left. The two girls that Roronoa saved quickly ran towards him and checked his injury.