Swedish Hottie Anna Nystrom Flaunts Bombshell Curves In Sexy Brown One-Piece

Anna Nystrom snaps a selfie.
Anna Nystrom / Instagram

Swedish model and fitness enthusiast Anna Nystrom took to Instagram to share another sizzling shot that captured her in a curve-hugging swimsuit. The post was uploaded to her page on July 30, and it added some serious heat to her already fiery feed.

The snapshot captured Anna posed on a rock that overlooked a small body of water. The water was calm, and the sky above it was slightly overcast with a few dark clouds preventing the sunlight from spilling through. Trees and greenery surrounded the lake, and a few tall plants could be seen in front of her. A wood dock and small portion of a home were also able to be seen across the water. A geotag in the update indicated that she was in Sweden.

Anna closed her eyes as she held the straps of her swimsuit with both hands. She placed one foot flat on the rock and bent the opposite leg at the knee, her toes pointed.

She opted for a curve-hugging one-piece suit that boasted a dark brown hue. The piece had a plunging neckline that dipped low into her chest and offered a view of her cleavage. The body of the suit was tight on her figure, and it helped to accentuate her slim waist and torso. The outline of the model’s abs could be seen underneath the fabric, and the ensemble had high legholes that accentuated her shapely thighs. The garment featured a trim around the neckline and legs that matched the color of the suit.

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Anna sported several accessories with her look, including a thin bracelet on each of her wrists and a set of layered necklaces that added some bling to her collarbone. She styled her long, blond locks with a middle part, and her hair tumbled messily down her back.

Anna kept her caption simple and opted not to use any words, and she commented with emoji instead. Since the post went live on Anna’s page, it has accrued over 131,000 likes and 1,200-plus comments from her fan base.

“Wow Anna!! So stunning, I love everything about you,” one follower gushed with the addition of a single heart-eye emoji.

“Looks beautiful and sensual,” another Instagrammer raved.

“Sweden is heaven and you’re its angel,” a third fan complemented with a series of flame emoji.

“Beautiful!!! Love every picture of you!!! You are the most amazing model on the planet,” another social media user wrote.