WWE News: Pregnant Former Superstar Sarah Logan Reveals If She’ll Ever Wrestle Again

Sarah Logan appears on WWE television

Sarah Logan was a guest on the latest episode of Table Talk with D-Von Dudley. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, the former WWE superstar — who recently became pregnant — revealed that she isn’t retired from in-ring competition just yet.

According to Logan, she’s spent too long specializing in the craft to give up on it. She said it’s part of who she is, and her fans can expect to see her lace up her boots again down the line.

She then went on to discuss her history and experiences with the sport growing up and stated that she wants to model her work-life balance after two current Hall of Famers.

“I’m sure I’ll go back to wrestling. It’s something I grew up on. It’s something in my blood and I will definitely come back. I grew up in a house where my dad was always at work and so was my mom because they were supporting us. We had a poor family so our family was constantly working. If I can give my child the most stable life. I can introduce wrestling in there, nice. I want the Beth Phoenix-Edge life.”

Phoenix and Edge have a family of their own and only compete occasionally these days. They’ve been featured more recently due to Phoenix’s commentary work and Edge’s return, but they’re a prime example of superstars who are able to spend time with their kids and contribute to the business in a meaningful way.

Sarah Logan poses on the ring apron

While Logan is keen to return to the squared circle eventually, she also opened up about her interim plans. According to the former Riott Club member, she plans on working on her farm and YouTube channel, which showcases her and her husband — Monday Night Raw‘s Erik — taking part in a variety of outdoor activities.

Logan revealed that her upcoming episodes will revolve around hunting. She talked about how she’s already hunted hogs since becoming pregnant, but she’s also planning on finding some bears and whitetail, too.

After being released by WWE earlier this year, Logan also discussed plans to become an MMA fighter. She wasn’t expecting to become a mother, but she might want to compete in the octagon before she makes her in-ring comeback.

Logan’s former tag partner, Ruby Riott, also made an appearance on the show and recalled her time working with the soon-to-be mother. She spoke about how they came through the independent scene together, then joined WWE around the same time and became fixtures on the main roster.