Suzy Cortez Sizzles In Bright Orange Bathing Suit That Displays All Her Curves

A selfie of Suzy Cortez
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Fitness model and smoking-hot Instagram celebrity Suzy Cortez delighted her 2.3 million followers with a killer post late Thursday night, racking up over 6,000 likes less than an hour after going live.

The Brazilian model looked stunning in a deep orange monokini that showed off her incredible physique. The bottom of the suit featured long strings that were tied in bows on either side of her curvaceous hips. The ends trailed down the sides of her legs, grazing her smooth, caramel skin.

The front of the suit dipped well below her navel in the center, exposing her toned abs and all of her spectacular cleavage. The legs of the garment were cut high above her toned thighs, exposing the bare, rounded swell of her impressive rear end. Two narrow strips of lightweight fabric stretched across her voluptuous breasts, connecting to straps that rested against her collarbone and tied behind her long, slender neck.

Her right arm crossed over her body and her outstretched fingers fondled the bathing suit tie above her prominent hip bone.

Suzy accessorized with a small-brimmed hat that appeared to have wide vertical red and white stripes on the outside. It was cocked on her tilted head, leaving only the plain underside in full view.

It also seems that she may have been wearing matching thigh-high boots, as the top of the right one appears to be visible at the bottom of the frame.

She held a pair of delicate gold-colored glasses just below her chin, grasping them in her fingers as if she had just lowered them off of her beautiful face to catch a better glimpse of the view.

Suzy posed standing near to a row of large, white framed glass windows on a polished white floor. Suzy’s vibrant look popped even more against the neutral setting.

The natural diffused light perfectly illuminated her striking features and amazing figure.

Her huge eyes were well-defined by long, full lashes and perfectly groomed brows. She turned one side of her face toward the camera to show her high cheekbones and seductively parted her full lips.

A potted aloe almost as tall as the model was visible outside the window, as well as a blurry landscape of pale sand and green trees, culminating in a dark range of mountains far off in the distance.

At the time of this writing, Suzy’s devoted Instagram followers had flooded her comments sections with hundreds of combinations of affectionate and complimentary emoji.