Jessica Killings Shows Off Killer Booty During Intense Gym Session

Instagram model and fitness powerhouse Jessica Killings provided some titillating motivation for her 1.8 million fans on Thursday evening when she posted a series of videos from her recent workout. She mentioned in the caption that she was still sore from the vigorous session and encouraged fans to try the exercises themselves.

Jessica looked incredible in skintight athletic wear that flaunted her incredible physique. The vibrant red color was eye-catching. Her crop top had a low-cut scoop neck that revealed the tops of her curvaceous breasts and spectacular cleavage. It was backless as well, giving viewers a glimpse of her exquisitely toned upper back muscles. A thin strap across her shoulders kept the garment from sliding off her chiseled shoulders during her intense workout. Her curves swelled below the stretchy fabric as she moved.

Jessica’s leggings had a wide band that rested at the slimmest part of her narrow waist. They hugged her voluptuous thighs all the way down to her toned calves. The snug fit beautifully accentuated her voluptuous behind.

In the series of five short clips, she moved through an impressive succession of physically demanding exercises that illustrated how the model maintains her stunning figure.

The first three videos involved Jessica lifting a huge weight plate. While the bright yellow plate had an intimidating size, “10 lbs” was visible on one side in large white font. In the first two, she also included a resistance band around her ankles to maximize the benefit of the activity. The model began in a squat with her feet and knees spread wide apart, holding the weight directly in front of her chest with both hands. She jumped straight up into the air and pulled her feet together while simultaneously extending both arms straight in front of her body, then rapidly returned to her original position. She completed a number of reps to demonstrate the activity.

The third clip captured Jessica doing modified sit-ups. She lay on the ground with her knees bent and held the weight overhead with straight arms. As she rose off the ground, she kept her elbows locked and the giant metal disc high above her.

She did a sequence of full squats holding a 60-pound barbell at her shapely hips in the next video, making the exercises look effortless.

Jessica finished off with a little work on an exercise machine. She stood with her knees bent and leaned forward with perfect form, pulling and releasing the handles of a pair of cabled weights with precision and control.