Lira Mercer Shows Off Curves, Cleavage In Sultry Oceanfront Snap

Lira Mercer attends a 2015 event with rapper Rick Ross.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Model, influencer and hip-hop muse Lira Mercer, aka Lira Galore, continues to bring the sizzle to her popular Instagram feed, which now boasts well over 4 million followers. For her update on July 30, the 26-year-old posted a particularly sultry image which showed her famously voluptuous body pleasantly adorned with a scanty bikini as she gazed out over the blue expanse of the ocean.

The post’s geotag indicated that the photo may have been snapped in Baja California Sur, Mexico, a notion that was backed by the incredible oceanfront view. As picturesque as the setting was, Lira nonetheless managed to own the frame with a stunning visage that included a tempting display of her flawless, caramel-hued skin and sinuous curves.

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In the steamy picture, Lira was captured with her front facing the camera. However, her head was turned to the left and her eyes appeared to be focused on the seemingly endless ocean behind her. Lira was sitting atop a large textured sphere that appeared to be made of stone, and her bare feet rested on a large earthy tile in the picture. She also sat beside a tiled pool, adding to the aquatic nature of the photo’s composition.

While some of her torso on the right side was touched with shadow, the bright sun pleasingly illuminated the brunt of Lira’s various lines and contours. Her thick thighs and midsection were perfectly complemented by her light bikini bottom, which was tied together on both sides with thin straps that clung to her hips.

Just above the garment, her pierced navel was left exposed. Her ample bosom was also hugged by a skimpy top, which struggled to contain her NSFW assets and allowed for a considerable showing of cleavage.

Lira’s long, dark hair flowed back behind her shoulders, its ends visibly approaching her backside from the open space between her arms and trunk.

In less than an hour after appearing on her feed, Lira’s latest offering had racked up a cool 24,000 likes. Furthermore, well over 200 comments had been left by her fans, who weren’t shy about sharing their adoration for the picture.

“What a beautiful view, both you and the Ocean,” said one admirer.

“The perfect setting for such a beautiful lady,” opined a second fan.

“Espectacular,” appraised another commenter in Spanish.

“BODY!” exclaimed a fourth user.

Lira is no stranger to igniting her fan base with steamy snapshots. As shared by The Inquisitr earlier this month, the former exotic dancer also impressed while flaunting her cleavage in a revealing denim top.