Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Look Fierce Ahead Of GLAAD Award Show

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Gabrielle Union shared a new series of photos via her Instagram page on Thursday, and the snaps that showed her alongside husband Dwyane Wade were sizzling hot. She noted that they were headed to the GLAAD Awards and they looked like they would be making quite the entrance.

Before hitting the stage, Gabrielle and Dwyane posed for some snapshots. She shared four pictures showcasing their fierce vibe, and her millions of followers went crazy over them.

The first photo showed the couple standing next to one another. They appeared to be standing in front of a worn-out barn door or something of that nature, with gravel under their feet and a tree stump between them.

Dwyane went with an all-black ensemble, although as is his typical style, this was no boring, ordinary suit. Gabrielle went big and bold for this outing, noting that she was wearing pieces from the No Sesso brand. It appeared that they came from their fall/winter line that debuted earlier this year.

Gabrielle’s showstopper jacket featured extremely long sleeves that were made up of strips of various materials in a range of colors. The jacket had a belt that she had cinched tightly around her waist, but the garment was left unzipped under the belt.

It was difficult to tell, likely intentionally so, but it appeared that Gabrielle may not have been wearing anything under the jacket.

“Y’all betta pose!” a fan commented.

In addition to the unique top, Gabrielle wore what seemed to be black bikini bottoms. She wore high-heeled black boots and oozed with confidence.

More than 16.3 million people currently follow Gabrielle’s Instagram page, and more than 230,000 of them have liked the series of snapshots during the first six hours they were live on her page. Almost 2,000 messages filled the comments section as followers raved over this spectacular outfit.

“I CANT EVEN BREATHE,” a follower revealed.

“Whew sis We were not ready!!” another person praised.

Fire emoji were plentiful throughout the comments section as many of Gabrielle’s supporters seemed virtually speechless as they tried to take in every detail of this ravishing look.

A few days ago, Gabrielle shared some different outfits that she and her husband looked equally fierce wearing. In those shots, baby Kaavia was included, and she fully stole the show.

While the GLAAD Awards seemed to be an adults-only outing, more than a few fans noted that they would have loved to see Kaavia included, at least for these pre-departure poses.

“Why are y’all so fly,” a fourth fan teased.

Every component of these photos seemed to stun fans, from their serious gazes, to her curves and long, lean legs, to the fashion choices. Gabrielle and Dwyane never fail to impress and they certainly rocked with these latest uploads.