Cameron Diaz Takes The ‘Wine Challenge’ In Her First-Ever TikTok Video

Cameron Diaz poses on the red carpet.

Cameron Diaz is diving head-first into TikTok — by diving into a big glass of wine.

The 47-year-old actress shared her first video on the social media outlet on Thursday, taking the “wine challenge” by trying to drink an entire glass that was balanced on the head of friend and business partner Katherine Power. As Diaz sat behind her pal, Power slowly leaned back and allowed the actress to slowly sip the entire glass, with neither of them ever touching it with their hands.

Diaz also posted the video on Instagram, where it got a big reaction with more than 200,000 likes and plenty of comments complimenting her on successfully completing the challenge.

“Not a single drop was spilled!” one person wrote.

Many others said the video inspired them to try out the balancing act, with some seeing it as the perfect activity for boring days spent in quarantine. A number of the commenters tagged their friends, inspired to copy Diaz and her business partner.

As the Daily Mail noted, the TikTok activity was particularly fitting for Diaz, who has entered something of a second career as a winemaker, launching a new product called Avaline earlier this month. While the launch of the new brand has gotten her some attention — and her entry into the platform has helped to bring more spotlight — the offering is already drawing some controversy.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, Avaline is being marketed as a “clean” beverage with no additives and a transparent approach regarding which ingredients are included. But the report pointed out that Diaz’s new product actually meets none of the standards for natural wines, and called out her claim that other wines that stain your tongue purple are not natural.

“But don’t be fooled: The claims are a hoax at worst and ignorant at best,” the report noted. “Avaline is no more ‘clean’ than the average bottle of wine you’d find on a grocery-store shelf and no more ‘natural’ than the Cabernets that stain your tongue.”

The harsh review may not matter much, as Diaz has already gotten some good reviews and plenty of attention for her latest dive into the business world, with likely more to come now that she has expanded her social media footprint with a newly active TikTok account. The first post she shared may have already helped, as it showcased a bottle of Diaz’s new product in the foreground.