Bri Teresi Goes Nearly Topless, Flaunts Curves In A Steamy Jacuzzi

Selfie of Bri Teresi
Bri Teresi / Instagram

Fitness model Bri Teresi got pulses racing with her most recent Instagram post on Thursday afternoon. The social media celebrity thrilled her 1 million followers with sexy snap of herself scantily clad and standing in an outdoor hot tub.

The risque image had nearly 5,000 likes in less than an hour after it went live.

Bri was nearly naked as she posed standing halfway out of a pool of rippling water, her body glistening with droplets.

She wore a black bikini that featured three remarkably tiny pieces of lightweight fabric held together by stretchy translucent straps.

The top was barely visible, as she had pushed both cups to the outsides of her voluptuous breasts, revealing a massive expanse of smooth, bare skin. A clear strap hugged her ribcage and a second was wrapped behind her neck, stretched taut against the roundness of her exposed bust.

Bri placed her right arm demurely across the front of her chest, covering her bits with outstretched fingers.

Her plump breasts squished alluringly beneath the slight weight of her forearm, and the paleness of that skin accentuated the golden tan across the rest of her impressive physique.

The bottom of the suit was a small black scrap of material that rose up from between her curvaceous thighs. It attached to two transparent straps that rested high across her shapely hips, just below the most narrow part of her slender waist.

Bri’s left arm was relaxed at her side, and she hooked her thumb underneath the bikini band, suggestively pulling it away from her body.

She posed facing the camera head-on. Her left thigh was raised with her knee slightly bent, which caused her hips to shift to the right, emphasizing her hourglass shape.

A lovely glimpse of the edge of her luscious derriere was visible just above the surface of the water.

Platinum tresses were flipped over to one side and spilled across her shoulder. The golden highlights framed her beautiful face and enormous dark eyes. She let her shiny, full lips part slightly. She gave the camera a sultry gaze.

Bri was soaking in a hot tub that appeared to be at the edge of a second-story balcony. It fit perfectly against a corner featuring a large wooden structural beam and lined by black iron railings.

A large expanse of different types of lush green trees bathed in gentle, diffused light comprised the rest of the background.