'Summer House' Star Hannah Berner's Flirty Comment To Comedian Des Bishop Fuels Romance Speculation

Summer House star Hannah Berner got flirty with Irish comedian Des Bishop in the comments of her Instagram post on Thursday. The exchange further fueled romance speculation between the pair. Just last week, the funnyman dropped several hints that the two might be dating.

Hannah posted a throwback photo of one of her first confessional interviews for the hit reality show.

"Throwback to my first interview on Summer House when I was so nervous about being on tv, saying something stupid, or possibly embarrassing my family. Just kidding, I knew I was going to embarrass my family," the caption read.

Des was one of the first to reply to Hannah's picture.

"So beautiful," he wrote.

"@desbishop thanks handsome," Hannah responded.

Des is an Irish-American comic that grew up in Queens, New York, but moved to Ireland when he was a teenager, according to his website. He hosts two podcasts, the Des Bishop Podcast, and The Shift. The Irish star has also created several successful series and documentaries.

A follower noticed the flirting between the two and commented.

"So excited for this union."
Des hinted at a relationship with Hannah during an interview with The Irish Sun last week. The comedian is often private about his relationships and did not name names about who he was involved with, but several signs pointed in the direction of the reality star.

Des mentioned that the woman he was involved with had previously appeared on the popular podcast, Call Her Daddy. Hannah has been on with host Alexandra Cooper several times, and during a recent appearance, the reality actress discussed her time with an "older man."

The 44-year-old also told the outlet that his lady is 16 years his junior and will celebrate her birthday in a few weeks. Hannah is 28 years old, and her birthday is August 12.

That wasn't the only indicator that the two are seeing each other. The comedian also shared how he met his new love interest.

"She's out East end of Long Island. On a whim I was like, 'Oh I see you're out here, do you want to get coffee?'"
Hannah has been quarantining with her family on Shelter Island, which is located on the eastern end of Long Island.

The Summer House actress's last relationship was with her co-star, Luke Gulbranson. The two broke it off before the reunion show aired.

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