Kristin Cavallari Looks Smoking Hot In Low-Cut Tunic & Skinny Jeans

Kristin Cavallari took to Instagram on Thursday to flaunt her figure in a chic, summery outfit. At the beginning of the week, she told her followers that she would share with them her looks for each day. Her latest fashion statement had her looking smoking hot in an all-white ensemble that included a tunic and a pair of skinny jeans.

The photo featured Kristin sitting on the edge of a rectangular-shaped table in a room. She seemed to be color coordinated with the decor. The table and the chairs surrounding it were white. In addition, the walls were the same color, and a sheer white curtain hung from a large window on one side of the room. A modern chandelier hung from the ceiling cast a warm light in the space.

Kristin's top featured thin shoulders straps. The neckline was low-cut, highlighting her cleavage. The shirt also appeared to have an asymmetrical hem, as one side pooled beside her. Her jeans hugged her figure, showcasing their toned shape.

She completed her summer look with a pair of tangerine sandals that featured a wide buckle across the front. She sat with her legs crossed, putting an emphasis on her hourglass figure. Her tan skin popped against the light colors in the room.

The television personality smiled at the camera while she held her hands in her lap. She wore her hair parted in the middle and down in waves, with a highlighted fringe framing her face. She also sported a choker necklace and a pair of dangle earrings.

The post was a hit, garnering more than 50,000 likes within an hour of it being shared to her account.

As usual, dozens of her fans flocked to the comments section to rave over her classy, yet sexy look. Many followers commented on her attire.

"You are absolutely the most stylish person ever," wrote one follower.

Other admirers complimented Kristin on her chic shoes.

"Love your outfit and the shoes make a nice contrast. You look FABULOUS as always," a second admirer chimed in.

"Beautiful love the outfit & shoes too," a third comment read.

A few raved over her good looks.

"Bold. Vibrant. Stunning. The most amazing thing to sit on a dinner table, excluding my girlfriend's cooking," joked a fourth Instagram user.

Kristin has a sharp sense of style and seems to look fabulous in whatever she happens to be wearing. Earlier this month, she shared a snap that saw her rocking a tie-dye dress while posing with her mom.