Golfer Attacks Two Men For Slowing Him Down

Golfer Attacked Men Who Slowed Him Down

A Long Island golfer reportedly attacked two men for slowing him down. Grant Smith, age 48, allegedly attacked the men both verbally and physically because they were golfing too slowly.

Smith and the two men were all golfing at the Eisenhower Park White Course last week. Smith was reportedly agitated with the two men, aged 65 and 66, as they were ahead of him and he was forced to wait for his turn.

As reported by NBC New York, Smith started vocalizing his complaints at the third hole. He made several comments, suggesting that the older men should let him pass as they were slowing him down and holding up his game.

As the game continued, Smith reportedly started shouting. The two man, who have not been named, reportedly told Smith that if he had been courteous, they would have happily let him pass.

By the time the golfers were at the fifth hole, the argument escalated into a fight. One of the older men admits making an “obscene gesture” at Smith, who then became violent.

Smith reportedly shouted the “n-word” repeatedly as he charged toward the men. The golfer attacked the two men for slowing him down, hitting one of them in the leg with his golf club. Authorities report that the club broke across the man’s leg. Smith then reportedly threatened to stab the men with the broken end of his club.

As reported by NY Daily News, Smith left the course and went home after the attack. Authorities later found Smith at his Long Beach home.

He was arrested for assault, menacing as a hate crime, and another unspecified hate crime. Smith appeared in court on Friday and plead not guilty to all charges. He is currently incarcerated and is being held on $50,000 bond.

The judge has issued two protection orders to the golfers who were attacked for slowing Smith down.