Super-Criminal Escapes French Prison With Explosives

Real-life prison breaks aren’t nearly as exciting as the ones in movies and TV. But don’t tell that to Redoine Faid, a super-criminal who escaped from a French prison this weekend.

According to CNN, Faid escaped from prison after taking several guards hostage. He then detonated a series of bombs to break down five doors on his way out of the prison.

A prison spokesman told the Daily Mail: “It all happened very quickly. The escape was clearly very well organized – we are still busy trying to work out the facts.”

Faid took one hostage with him as he left the prison in a car and drove toward the town of Lille. Eventually, Faid left the officer and the car on the side of the road and continued his escape in another vehicle.

No one was injured in the escape.

A warrant for Faid’s arrest was issued across 26 countries. Police say that Faid should be considered armed and dangerous.

Faid was in prison awaiting trial for the death of a 26-year-old policewoman.

The dramatic escape this weekend is only the latest movie-esque stunt performed by Faid. The French super-criminal has become a bit of a celebrity in France for pulling off high-profile heists. He has been known to attack armored trucks and even adds movie flare, like wearing hockey masks from Michael Mann’s Heat, during his crimes.

In addition to being famous for criminal activity, Faid also became a celebrity from turning away from the world of crime. After spending nearly a decade in prison, Faid vowed to turn his life around and appeared on numerous talk shows to promote his autobiography “Robber: From Suburbs to Organized Crime.”

His life on the righteous path ended in 2011, however, when he found himself back in prison for a 2010 robbery that resulted in the death of a policewoman.