Natasha Oakley Puts On Red-Hot Display In Bandeau Bikini While Flaunting Her Assets

Natasha Oakley attends the Monday Swimwear Yacht Day on December 07, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.
Wendell Teodoro / Getty Images

Bikini designer Natasha Oakley put on a red-hot display while showing off her insane body in three photos she shared on Instagram. The Monday Swimwear co-founder sizzled in a two-piece swimsuit that showed off her magnificent curves. The snaps were an instant hit and racked up more than 26,000 likes in a very short space of time.

The Australian lass paraded her stunning physique on a yacht at sea. The post’s geotag appears to place her at Whitehaven Beach, where she still seems to be on vacation following her 30th birthday celebration. In her caption, she asked her fans a simple question. She wanted to know if there were any fans whose moods were affected by the weather. Her followers responded in droves, but it appears as if they were more affected by the crimson swimwear and her sensational figure than by the weather.

The model looked smoking hot in a tiny crimson bandeau bikini that seemed just a tad too small for her. Natasha’s bountiful cleavage nearly spilled out of the pleated fabric, while the strapless swimsuit allowed for an uninterrupted view of her bronzed decolletage.

Natasha teamed the top with a thong that tied at the sides. The bottoms stretched over her voluptuous booty and showed off her curvaceous hips and thighs.

Both the top and bottoms allowed Natasha to flaunt her insane abs. The entrepreneur’s concave abdominal muscles took center stage and her minuscule waist underscored her scintillating hourglass figure.

In the first photo, Natasha relaxed on the white deck of the boat. She sat on a red shawl and leaned back with her fingers splayed behind her. She closed her eyes as she basked in the sun’s rays while strands of her hair blew in her face. In the background, the ocean was flanked by white sand and dense green bushes.

Natasha’s luscious booty was front and center in the following snap. The pic showed her walking away from the camera and putting on a rather cheeky display. Her blond hair cascaded down her back and shoulders as she strolled along the side of the boat.

The designer found a sunny spot in the final image. She turned her head to the side as she soaked up the sun at the foot of some stairs. Next to her, a straw hat was flung casually aside as she enjoyed a moment of solitude.

The model’s fans showered the pics with praise and emoji soon after she shared them.

“Beautiful in red (heart emoji), keep shining bright as always,” one fan raved.

Another devotee responded to Natasha’s question in her caption.

“Me. Right now outside is Grey and gloomy and it’s affecting my productivity,” they admitted.

A third Instagrammer summed up Natasha’s look in a short sentence.

“Tash you are a smoke show,” they gushed and followed the comment with flame emoji.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Natasha wore an itty-bitty black swimsuit on Whitehaven Beach and boldly declared that she never wanted to leave.