Sophie Van Oostenbrugge Sports Skintight Blue Spandex Outfit For Latest Workout Video

Fitness model Sophie Van Oostenbrugge posted her latest workout video to Instagram on Wednesday, July 29.

For the workout, the Dutch model wore a light-blue outfit that consisted of a long-sleeved crop top and shorts. The pieces seemed to be made of a tight-fitting spandex material. The top cut off at the base of Sophie’s chest, teasing a strip of toned tummy. The bottoms rose high on her hips and stopped at the mid-thigh, leaving a length of her muscular legs exposed.

Sophie completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and white socks that extended to mid-calf and featured a black stripe around the top. She accessorized with a gold pendant necklace and wore her blond locks pulled back into a low ponytail. She left several strands loose to frame her face.

The workout targeted the glute muscles and included a total of four exercises. Sophie completed the routine in the gym and used a pulley machine, dumbbells, and a bench for equipment. She instructed her trainees to complete three sets of each move in reps that ranged from 12 to 20, depending on the exercise. She added in the caption that the circuit was perfect for those who had access to a gym and wanted to train their glutes and hamstrings.

Sophie began the routine with B stance RDLs. For this move, she placed one bent knee on a black bench and left the other leg standing on the floor. She then bent over and straightened back up while holding a dumbbell in one hand. She followed up with cable hip abductions in the second slide, which made use of the pulley machine. She raised one leg out to the side while balancing on the other.

The third video clip showed the dumbbell sumo squat. Sophie held one large dumbbell in both hands while performing a set of squats. She ended the circuit with the elevated glute bridge, which was carried out from the floor. She lifted one leg to rest on the bench while extending the other toward the ceiling. She lifted her hips upward while keeping her backside raised.

The post earned nearly 35,000 likes and almost 250 comments within the first day of appearing on the photo-sharing site. Sophie’s followers gave her plenty of love in the comments section.

“I love that color on you! Great work out,” one user praised.

“[T]hat set looks amazing on you! blue is so pretty!” another follower complimented.

“Awesome glute routine,” wrote a third fan.

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