‘The Challenge’: Secret Hookups Revealed During ‘Total Madness’ Reunion

Scene from MTV's The Challenge.

The second part of MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness reunion special aired on Wednesday night, and it revealed several secret hookups between cast members, according to a recap from Entertainment Weekly.

This season of the popular competition show saw Melissa Reeves spending quite a bit of time snuggling with Kyle Christie. It was rumored that the two were sleeping together, but both Melissa and Kyle have denied having sex. During the special, it was revealed that Melissa was actually fooling around with other players in the bunker, including Nany González and Josh Martinez.

Melissa and Josh were filmed giving each other topless massages and cuddling in bed. Apparently, the two did “snog” a bit but Melissa said Josh’s kissing “was not good” and just “very sloppy.” She also said she didn’t want to be mean, but insisted he was just a “clumsy kisser.” Melissa went on to share that spending time with Kyle caused her to lose interest in her thing with Josh, while Kyle said he enjoyed irritating Josh by getting cozy with the girl he liked.

This season also saw Nany entangled with a few of the women in the house. The Challenge veteran spent her days in the bunker with rookie competitor Kaycee Clark, but what fans didn’t see was that she was also making out with Melissa. The two women shared their first kiss during a game of truth or dare and then found themselves making out again at the bar. Unlike Josh, Nany’s kissing earned her rave reviews. She later joked that Melissa’s baby might actually be hers.

Melissa Reeves posing for MTV cast photo.

Jenny West and Aneesa Ferreira also shared a steamy moment, and Jenny complimented Aneesa’s kissing during the reunion.

In recent episodes, viewers watched as Jenna Compono struggled to stay in the game after her boyfriend, Zach Nichols, threatened to end their relationship. Zach, who was back home at the time, told his girlfriend that he had discovered messages that proved she had been unfaithful to him, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Jenna managed to push through, but she wasn’t the only one dealing with cheating allegations in the house. While appearing on the reunion, Nelson Thomas shared that his girlfriend, Angela Babicz, also called to accuse him of cheating. He said Angela heard rumors about him having sex with Dee Nguyen, who has since been fired by MTV.

Nelson denied cheating on Angela but said the conversation did contribute to their breakup. He said they are not currently together, but he is still in love with her. Nelson’s best friend, Cory Wharton, also got pulled into some drama during this season. According to the recap, fans believed the messages Zach found were actually sent by Corey.