Yaslen Clemente Showcases Toned Bod In Turquoise Lingerie

Yaslen Clemente takes a selfie.
Yaslen Clemente / Instagram

Yaslen Clemente shared two new updates with her Instagram followers today, kicking it off with a surprise announcement of her rhinoplasty. In her most recent post, she showcased her toned bod in turquoise lingerie as she posed on the floor right next to a white couch.

In the stunning snap, Yaslen propped herself up with her arms and bent both knees. She gazed at the camera with a flirty hint of a smile on her face and wore her hair in a heavy side-part. Her locks were done in tight curls, and her light blond highlights popped against her darker roots.

Her lacy lingerie set included a revealing bra with sheer lace that decorated her cleavage. Her matching bottoms had a high waistline and more lace along the sides, and both pieces featured the “Lounge” brand name in all caps. The lingerie showed off her cleavage, toned abs, curvy hips, and muscular legs.

She accessorized simply with a thin necklace and apparently nothing else.

Yaslen sat on long, gray carpet and behind her was a plush couch with a matching blanket draped over the back. It had a checkered pattern and shimmered in the light. A white cat blended well into the backdrop and lay on its side close to the model. It had dark brown ears and a few markings on the top of its head.

There was lots of natural lighting that flooded the space, and Yaslen’s skin glowed and looked flawless.

The update has been available for 25 minutes, and it has already reached over 7,300 likes. Her devoted followers hurried to send their love in the comments section, leaving Yaslen many positive messages.

“Omg you are insanely hot,” declared an admirer.

Others took note of the hue.

“Wow, the colour is amazing,” gushed a second follower.

“She is beautiful and love the color blue is my favorite,” raved another social media user.

“The cat saying love me,” joked a fourth supporter.

The beauty took to the platform to show off her derriere in another update two days ago. She was photographed at the gym and sat on a green stool. She glanced over her left shoulder at the camera. Her ensemble included a white sports bra with a clasp in the back and a pair of eye-catching leggings. These had a thick, dark green waistband and featured a busy geometric fabric that was seemingly inspired by fishnet stockings.